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  1. Hello friend,

    Thanks for liking one of my posts. You have a terrific site here. I especially like your movie review of “No Country”, good job there.

    I have several short fictional stories that I wrote as well as a non-fictional piece about my life growing up in NYC during the 1960’s and 70’s, crazy ass time to be a teenager.

    It’s on, titled “Tales of a Sinner” by Steve O’Brien.

    Let me know if you would like to read more.


  2. Hi Sarah! Thanks for following! I checked out your work and completely resonate with your “Long Road to LaLaLand” post…just switch journalism with film:) Keep at it! Our dreams are achievable!

  3. Hi Sarah! Thanks for checking out my blog, I’m glad you liked it. I’d love to hear some feedback from you on future posts. I checked your blog out, I really like your descriptive writing style!


  4. Hi, thanks for following my blog. I’m kindda new in the “blogging world” (i’m still trying to figure out what I needed to do! Care to give some advice hehe) It made me jump a bit when I saw you “follow” my blog, thank you sooo much! Your site is great!

  5. Sarah, thanks so much for following us! I’m so glad you love The Walking Dead as much as we do. Cant wait to read more of what you think of the show. Keep up the good work here.

  6. Thank you for being the first person to follow my blog, and for inspiring me with great examples of how to present an interesting blog. You are a real character, but I like that in a person. It makes you more real. I look forward to seeing more of your work.

  7. Hands down this is the best blog I have seen in a long time I am going to follow you because when I first came to your website I was captured immediately. I am trying to figure out why this website is not on the top 10 list on Alexa. Thanks for being who you are and providing this entertaining content. Much Love!!!

    I also wanted to let you know about this new blogging platform that will allow you to write blogs on the go via mobile phone. This new platform is unlike any other blogging platform ever made to date. Check it out here and watch how amazing this thing is.

    Have a great week!

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