I’ve been quiet. Things have been weird the last couple years and it wasn’t just COVID.

Right before the pandemic got bad in the States, after almost nine and a half years together (roughly six and half of those married), my husband and I separated. We had just moved into a new apartment with separate bedrooms, because who the hell can afford an apartment on their own in Phoenix in 2020.

Then COVID happened.

We were both sent to work from home for two weeks while this thing blows over. I am very sarcastically proud to say that we recently passed the two year anniversary of working from home for only two weeks. It be like that now, I guess.

Being stuck at home with the person who broke my heart was not good for me mentally. Fights absolutely did happen. Tears (mine) were definitely shed. I felt like I was going crazy as my world was crashing down around me. If it weren’t for my online friends who became my chosen family, I would not be here today. I’m eternally grateful for them.

Fast forward to summer 2021, I’m still in the apartment with my future ex-husband because COVID really fucked up apartment searching and as someone who has had asthma since I was three years old, I wasn’t eager to go out and about. Despite all of that, I feel better. Call it something clicked in my brain that told me I had no reason to be sad and jealous or call it the medication I’m on works.

At the end of last month, I started moving into my new apartment. My recent promotion at work has afforded me the ability to probably live on my own. But I think it’s super important not only for my friendship with my ex-husband, but for my mental health. I’ve even started dating someone. And reader, she is amazing. She is everything a partner should be. The downside to it is she living in Connecticut.

I was in Connecticut back in November to visit her for my birthday and it was wonderful. It was so nice to see fall leaves again. I even got to go to the Bronx Zoo in New York!

I plan on being a bit more active on this in the coming year. I have more trips planned, like going to Salem, MA in October!

Until next time!



Here We Go

I’ve started and given up on plenty of starts to this blog. Each was sounding as dumb as the last. It’s creation and subsequent purchasing of the domain was a spur of the moment thing. Sometimes I have a problem with spending money when I really shouldn’t. Oops.

The original concept for the blog was going to be travel. Hence “Sarah on the Go.” However, being that 1. I don’t have extra money to travel and 2. I felt there wasn’t anything of interest in my current immediate area. I know I’m wrong about number 2. Partially.

I’m currently in the foothills of the Appalachian mountains in a West Virginia town on the Ohio River. Kentucky is just a stone’s throw away, and I can see Ohio from my house. (No, really, I look out my bedroom window, and I can see Ohio across the river.) The town I live in has made international news for its drug epidemic (there was even a Netflix documentary about it), and it’s known nationally as being the fattest city in America. I’m more than ready to get out of here.

Luckily, we’re finally almost out. Less than 30 days in fact. In theory, of course. There is still a LOT that needs to be done (like finding an apartment to live and packing up all our crap.) We’re heading out west. Arizona to be precise. “Why Arizona? That place probably sucks too.” I’m sure it does, but honestly, what place isn’t going to suck? I’m also sick of winter.

I plan to document the move, our adventures after, and everything in between.

The act of moving is such a mix of emotions. On the one hand, the thought of excitement initially shows up. It’s an adventure; you’re going somewhere new. Then there is the dread. The stress of packing everything. PAYING for the everything and not to mention finding a place that will be big enough for my husband, me, and our two cats. (And a place big enough for all my books).

Come back to see what I get into next!