The 4 Most Satisfying Moments of 2013

Each year has its share of pros and cons in the pop culture world. We lose some celebrities we love, others continue to annoy the masses with their vanity, yet all the while good television, movies and albums are released to ease it all up for us. For the remainder of year, I am going to be pumping out posts on the best and worst of everything twenty-thirteen. Feel free to add your most satisfying moment of the year in the comment box! 



4. Justin Bieber got caught with a porn star

For someone who doesn’t listen to that kind of music or “care” about barely legal pop singers, I am semi-ashamed to have this on my list. BUT, I can’t deny myself the pleasure of publicly bashing the most overrated pop singer of… pretty much all time. I hate this guy. Hate is a strong word, my mother used to tell me as a child, but it is so uber-suitable for how I feel for the Biebs. So when he got “busted” for hooking up with a triple-X vixen, I knew that at some point in my life I would love to post about it.

Maybe this vent-post isn’t so much for the hate I have for Bieber, but more for his fans. He’s got over 47 million followers on Twitter, and I swear to you all 47 million are incredibly sensitive about his personal life. If you saw his name trending that one fateful day in November, you’ll have read the most nauseating Tweets that ever graced social media. Yep, I guess it’s true. JB is just like us. He has… sex! But his fans were not having it. They were viciously attacking anyone who had an opinion on the matter. While Bieber’s agency tried to deny it and he has been super hushy-hush about the sexy romp that went down with Tati Neves, I find it beyond annoying that a cover-up is even needed.

It would’ve been way better if the girl said he pissed the bed in the middle of the night and woke up looking like Smeagol from Lord of the Rings. Instead she blabbed about his sexual prowess, noting he was “well-endowed… good in bed…  looks good naked.” Hey, I’ll take what I can get. If Bieber-fever is lessened by the thought that their presh little monkey brain could possibly think of using his penis for what penis’ were intended for, all the more power.



3. Catfish: The TV Show made me sleep better every single night

Harsh title for numero four, I know. But if you have seen one episode of MTV’s hit show Catfish even once in your life, you know that sleep comes a couple minutes earlier because you aren’t engaged to someone you’ve been dating for 6-years online and never met. The show has been on since 2012 but this year brought the heavy hitters. I mean there are really people out there who fake cancer for an extra dose of text attention, people who endure year long relationships in order to reap justice to cheaters because they feel it is their “moral responsibility,” people who legitimately believe that rapper Lil’ Bow Wow is their longtime online love.

I’m not knocking online dating. I am just repulsed by season two of Catfish‘s stories. Use your head people of the world, if they don’t want to Facetime you, they are not real. On a meaner note, if she’s a Playmate, and you sit in your basement wondering if it’ll be Wendy’s, Taco Bell or McDonalds for dinner (every night), they are not real. Playmates don’t eat that shit, come on, bro.

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2. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

See it. Just do it.  When you’re done seeing it for the first time, ask yourself if seeing the first Hunger Games would help you understand the second, see the first one, then see Catching Fire again. I’m 26 years-old and I hate to love the fact that I am obsessed with movie and book franchises that are meant for teenagers. But in all honestly, The Hunger Games is a sadistic little mind f*ck that would be that  much better if it earned an R rating. I digress, not everything can show the bloody gore that makes up 80 percent of what I like to see in movies and read in books.

I must admit that I have only read the first book of the trilogy. But I’d like to scream a big ol’ shh to that. The only books that matter in my life are The Song of Ice and Fire series (Game of Thrones). You can totally make do without reading a word. Jennifer Lawrence with Josh Hutcherson alongside her in this sequel is downright great. The storyline, the acting, the production itself… wow. Maybe I’m fangirling hard right now, but it truly is a gripping story, with more emotion and honesty than the first flick, or pretty much any “teenage/young adult” oriented movie ever. Suck it, Twilight.




1. Keeping Up With the Kardashians is on the brink of kancellation

Since a massive ratings drop back in October, (viewership down over 40%), it has been rumored that the very thing that skyrocketed the whacko family into fame is about to be off our televisions for good. E! released as statement trying to counter the facts, but the facts are… no one is Keeping Up With the Kardashians anymore! Maybe it’s just me but turning my life off for a full hour to see the K-clan do another unnecessary photoshoot is not compelling TV. I could blog about my disgust with Kim K. for a lifetime, but when it comes right down to it, it doesn’t matter. It’s coming to an end.

Or so I hope.


9 thoughts on “The 4 Most Satisfying Moments of 2013

  1. I’m on deadline today but had a chance to scan through your blog… I absolutely love it, Sarah. Clever, hip and just plain fun. Except in a totally un-plain way. Looking forward to reading the piece on The Walking Dead, Comic-Con and several others. And Hey — Happy 26th! (albeit a bit late…)

    Cheers! (again, a bit late…)

  2. If only #1 was true, but Kim has a marriage and a divorice to go and Khloe has a divorice to go and then the rest will want another round. This copuld be the closest thing to a perpetual motion machine.

  3. I am always baffled by stories like your story #4 and my fellow males. Let’s be honest…My fiance owns a salon in Brazil and a smidgin of her clients are involved in the sex industry. Some might be attractive but they have that roughness about them that spells out what they are involved in. The happy girl is no Scarlett Johansson.

    With all of his fame and fortune, wouldn’t it be more fun to just hook up with girls who are attractive but maybe not his type? Try to seduce the hot indie chick who hates your music…that would be a challenge!

    Oh nevermind! I forgot that he is an idiot with money.

  4. Yes, soiaf books are great! We’re going to do a Literary List month for that soon hopefully! Love the honesty in this post!

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