Twerking in 2013: A Miley Cyrus Story

I am going to make this as short and non-repulsive to the masses as possible.

I feel sympathy for Miley Cyrus post VMA twerk-performance backlash.

The last time I heard, the former Hannah Montana star’s net worth is over $150 million dollars, yet I still feel bad for her after the insane ridicule she’s been getting since Sunday evening.


I do not listen to her music and I do not care much for trying to know it, but I do know that some of the Tweets I have read the past few days are downright cruel. First of all, women should never judge the bodies of other women. That’s a general rule. So when the pictures of her ass flattened down by that pleather getup started to circulate the web, I was reminded just how hateful people can be for the sake of a Retweet. Is Miley Cyrus in bad shape? HECK NO. A bad angle and bad timing for the singer, a shining moment for the girl or guy who snapped the picture on their cell. Could any of us have pulled off that nude bikini any better? Maybe.  I, for one, know one of my legs wouldn’t even get half-way through those panties. tumblr_ms72rzexj01qkoe40o1_500

If girlfriend wants to twerk (bend over and shake her ass) on Robin Thicke, do it. Wait… is twerking new? Did Miley Cyrus invent it? I am pretty sure at clubs around the world, young women are face down, ass up all the time…  and have been doing it long before Miley did it on stage.

When Rihanna takes photos of herself smoking a blunt naked and posts it to her 9.4 million Instagram followers, all anyone can chalk it up to is that she’s “sexy” and “sexual” and that’s “just Rihanna.” Rihanna was never a 21-year old pop princess before. Oh wait, yes she was! She was a little thing from Barbados skipping around to her hit Pon de Replay, an innocent song about dancing to some DJ.

Stages of life, my friends. Britney did it, Christina did it, Selena Gomez is currently doing it and no one seems to notice. Miley is a millionaire, she’s a singer and she’s an entertainer of sorts… don’t call her a role model, but I don’t think she calls herself one.

E! Online reports that the Parent’s Television Council is claiming that Miley’s behavior Sunday evening was a sexual exploit on behalf of MTV. “This much is absolutely clear: MTV marketed adults-only material to children while falsely manipulating the content rating to make parents think the content was safe for their children.”

The PTC went on to say, “How is this image of former child star Miley Cyrus appropriate for 14-year-olds? How is it appropriate for children to watch Lady Gaga strip down to a bikini in the opening act?” Two words, it’s NOT. So turn off the station and tell your kids to open a damn book.

At the end of the day the Video Music Awards is brought to you by MTV, a station with programs like 16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom. If you are a parent and you thought there’d be no sexual innuendos, no scantily clad pop singers, no rappers grabbing their man bits…. you have been living in a cave.


There are no standards for mainstream media anymore and that goes for news stations as well. We choose what we invest our time watching, so when you put on the VMA’s instead of a program on Discovery Channel, you get what you tuned in for.


16 thoughts on “Twerking in 2013: A Miley Cyrus Story

  1. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: the thing I was most offended by was that she’s clearly not that good of a singer and doesn’t deserve that much attention. Flat and off-key for much of her performance. And Robin Thicke is no prince, and has a hit that celebrates the “blurred lines” of human sexuality and plays into the rape culture. So. But yes, she is an adult and was performing at an adult-oriented show. I don’t care who she dry-humps.

  2. damn right girl! this is so spot on, u took the words right out of my mouth. wanted to write a piece myself on all this miley twirking craze, but won’t now. can’t top this one. so well written, so blunt and sincere and spot on, for all angles and all haters and comments. Well done u:) xxx

    • Thanks so much for coming by my blog and reading this post. I think you should still write a post if you’re feeling the same way. I haven’t come across many sites that are on Miley’s side. Not that anyone really needs to stick up for her, it’s just the idea that people are so offended over a dance and outfit when we have seen much, much worse on MTV. Have a wonderful day love!:)

  3. True. But I think a lot of people are lashing out on the degradation of or culture to new and cruder levels as symbolized by Miley, Madonna and Lady GagMe.

  4. I can’t get over what the media is showing now a days. It was getting bad when I was a teenager, but now it’s out of this world. I can’t get over the things that are on TV now. Unfortunately, we can’t shield our kids from it all. Even if we don’t allow them to watch TV or play popular video games we are surrounded by it EVERYWHERE.

    I try and push my kids to have good values and see good values.

  5. I agree. I don’t necessarily feel bad for her, but I think everyone is focusing their negative attention on the wrong aspect of what was wrong with the performance. Sure, it was sexual, but that’s not the issue. It was NOT the first extremely sexual act at the VMAS, so everyone should stop slut-shaming and body-shaming. (Her bod is awesome, btw.) Miley’s act was gross because it was pretty freakin’ racist. Found this on what I mean:

  6. I like the different point of view. Not saying that this is what MTV is known for… but really what did people expect. Every so often the VMA awards has something outrageous performance or appearance, which usually happen so that person can be one seen and talked about for the next couple of days. Fame. It just doesn’t surprise me. If anything, parents should show their children what not to aspire after, and I’m sure most self appreciating teens would see (hopefully) how distasteful the performance was. Good parenting should also count for something right?

  7. I see your opinion, but I have to disagree overall. Yes, it is true that there have been many performances more sexual and explicit than this, but that doesn’t make it anymore right. I think there is a difference between sexy and trashy and her performance was not attractive in the least bit, there was no class. I think it got so much attention because of how awkward it was, what was up with the face she was making with her tongue? I do agree with you that people should not be calling her a role model and acting as if the VMAs should be fine for their kids to watch, but I do think it was a very trashy performance. I think Miley has a great voice, but she really did sound pretty bad vocally and has a lot more potential than she showed in tha performance. Sorry for such a long response, but I just had to voice my opinion. Thanks dr the discussion.

  8. “I think Miley has a great voice”

    i actually disagree with ashley. i think miley does NOT have a great voice – and requires the help of modern technology of the studio and lip-syncing to cover up the fact that she can not sing. i didn’t watch this performance – i don’t have any interest in miley but i have nothing against her. i do, however, agree that the judgement has been way too harsh. let the girl be – she’ll be over this phase at some point. so far, it appears that she is staying clear of being a bad girl of the law as other child celebs have not been able to avoid. compared to the likes of lohan and bieber, i think miley is alright.

  9. You really have a point. I don’t see why people keep talking about her in such a hateful way. I’ve seen worse than her performance on so called music-television.
    Furthermore, I wouldn’t even have noticed it all if there wouldn’t be so much people sharing her pictures and videos. I got curious after the seventh gif-image and searched for her complete performance. It was very hilarious and the way she could move her tongues was sometimes creepy. Nevertheless, I didn’t see anything new…that’s why I don’t understand why so many people are shocked about it.

  10. I did not find the performance to be shocking. I just found it to be sad that I was watching someone trying to hard and failing. Like at a party when someone does something to be funny and it comes across as awkward and creepy and the eyes start rolling.

    She clearly needs someone in her corner that will tell her that they think what she is doing sucks. Then again, she is the adult and can go out in whatever direction she wants.

    Also, what is wrong with being yourself? If I had to give advice to a young celebrity, I would just tell them to be yourself and grow but growth does not mean that what you did or are doing now is wrong. The more they try to “grow up” and shed their past; the worse direction they head in.

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