Too Many Candles On My Cake: My 26th Birthday

I turned 26 years-old this past Saturday and I just thought I would come by and share some photos. I had such a wonderful time… dinner, drinks and the casino with all of my best friends.

Last year I had a very difficult time accepting that I was about to be halfway to thirty. This year is a bit easier because I had 12 months to cope with the fact that this is just how it is… and it happens to everyone. Still, it hasn’t been any easier on me when I think hard on it.

I still feel very young. I don’t think I’m necessarily as responsible as I should be- as responsible and accomplished as others my age- but I promised myself that I will get there before my 27th. There’s almost no more room for error and I need to accept the fact that the days of using youth as an excuse are over and done with.

26. Yuck.

8 thoughts on “Too Many Candles On My Cake: My 26th Birthday

  1. happy birthday!

    oh – don’t worry. i thought it was be difficult to turn 40 but actually, i’m loving this age! not that i didn’t love being in my 20’s. and sometimes, i wish i could get a bit of my 26-27 year old body back when i was at my most athletic peak.😉

    but there’s something to be said about the benefits of aging. so long as we pay attention to our journeys and everything we’ve gained, the wisdom does come with age. it’s a great feeling!

    now…. in another ten years, i’ll let you know how i handled turning 50!


    • LOL! Thanks so much for the kind words and inspiration, Lord knows I need all I can get right now. It’s good to hear people’s opinions on being over 30, 40, 50 and more than not, they seem to love the place they are in! Great news! Have a wonderful day:)

  2. I’m 32 and I still don’t feel any older than about 21! Getting older is a state of mind! I still go out and have fun with my friends and family, even though I’m a mumma too! I believe that Yes I’m an adult and have adult responsibilities but really I don’t have to act like one when I’m out and about:)

  3. Harness your experiences and enjoy yourself, dispel the age myth now and, I promise you will appreciate it later. It truly gets better with age, there’s just too much to list here….maybe that’s my next article?

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