Summer Drawing Near: Bring on the Music!

I promised to post more once the summer started and for me, it officially has. I am leaving for Tennessee on Wednesday for year two at Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival. We will be flying into Atlanta this time around and taking an RV from there. Hey, 18 hours of driving nervously in a 16 foot trailer was not fun when it was suppose to be.

I will have updates during the festival, probably just photos and short captions, but if you’re interested you can follow me on Instagram and/or Twitter where I will likely be posting photos of my adventure more regularly.

 Instagram     _gogozombie

Twitter           @smastroni



After Bonnaroo I am gearing up for Wizard World NYC with my friend Meagan to meet the cast of the Walking Dead (yes, again). This time it’s just a three hour boat cruise up the Hudson River and around the Statue of Liberty. Michael Rooker (Merle), Norman Reedus (Daryl) and my favorite man of all time… Jon Bernthal (Shane) will be on board. I’ve been using this event as severe motivation to go to the gym 5-6 days a week. It’s been working, let me tell you!


That would be Andrew Lincoln… Rick Grimes… yep and me!


Then it’s time for Phish. For one full week I will be up and down the tri-state area (five times in seven days!) First stop is their three-day show at Saratoga Performing Arts Center in New York. My friend and I got a room so we can thoroughly enjoy the weekend. Last time we drove home after the show… three hours away. It was painful to say the least. Then it’s Jersey at the PNC Bank Arts Center in Holmdel and finally, one of the shows I am most anticipating… Jones Beach.

Me & a new friend at SPAC last year!

Me & a new friend at SPAC last year!


After that it’s a bunch of miscellaneous events like John Mayer, Vibes Music & Arts Festival and a wedding… then at the end of the summer I will be returning to the Catskills for round three of Catskill Chill Music Festival.


Rockin’ blue hair at Catskill Chill last September.


In other words, if you love music and mischief, stay tuned! I have this urge to pump out posts left and right this summer after the drab and dreariness of winter kept all the fun at bay and left me trying to grasp at anything for posts.

Love to all!

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