Courtesy Flush: Help My Friend Make a Movie!

The reason you are reading sarah On The Go! right now is because I was inspired back in 2011 by a very good friend who has her very own blog,

Zoë Eisenberg is an incredibly talented writer with wit, intelligence and a fantastic sense of humor. Impressed as I am with her hard work ethic everyday, I was even more floored when she told me that she had written a screenplay, and now, along with a team of equally talented young people, she is working to turning it into a movie; a dark comedy entitled Courtesy Flush.”

The film is set in Hawaii, which is not only an integral part of the plot (The island is actually a character in the film) but one of the reasons we need to raise money.We have to get our cast on set!

The story is about a young couple, James and Lexi, who move to a small jungle town after they accidentally become a fitness sensation when their informercial parody, Fuck Fitness, goes viral on the Internet. What started as a joke ends up launching them into the spotlight. They end up skanking their new brand around for several years, making a few workout dvd series, shooting a pilot for a reality show that never gets picked up, and working Fuck Fitness from every angle.

When we meet them at the start of Courtesy Flush, they have very much outgrown Fuck Fitness, and are trying to escape their embarrassing image–along with a few other problems in their relationship.

They befriend their polyamorous neighbors, who I lovingly dubbed “the throuple,” and a mysterious recluse who lives behind them…. Murder, madness, and hallucinations ensue as the group embarks upon a mystery that ends up defining the virtues of each character. Dun dun dun!



Zoë and her crew are utilizing a very popular fundraising platform, Kickstarter, in an attempt to fund the production of the film. It is really important that I do my part to help Zoë get the word out about her film in progress. It is truly inspiring and equally important for people to express their creativity, and not have it limited by that thing called money. Unfortunately, money is necessary to stretch creativity above and beyond.

If only a couple of dollars, donating to Zoë’s film cause will support a group of hard-working people who are, at this point, at the mercy of the goodwill of others. Please, find it in yourself to support Zoë, to support those who are working alongside her, and to support the arts.

Again, here is the link to the Kickstarter page where you can read more information about it all!

My very beautiful go-getter in the streets of NYC


10 thoughts on “Courtesy Flush: Help My Friend Make a Movie!

  1. It’s funny Kevin Smith had to seel his comics books that he loved and work a menial job just to scrape together money to make Clerks…but I guess making a shitty video and asking for money without really doing anything is the same. If only this country had a system where fwages could be exchanged for labor…IF ONLY!!!!

    • Paul- I am just trying to help friends spread the word about their project. They are working hard to find the funding. It’s really insensitive to call their video shitty. You are, of course, entitled to your own opinion, but please leave negativity off my blog.

  2. Paul, if Kickstarter had been available to Kevin Smith in 93 when he made Clerks he probably would have been able to keep his comics. Films are incredibly difficult and time consuming to write, organize, cast, film, and distribute – and that is BEFORE you consider finding the funding to do so. Each person in our cast and crew also works a 9 to 5 day job, and this has been our passion project, keeping us up til 4 am on a Tuesday when we have to be back out our respective offices at 9. SO, yes, I too wish we had a country where wages could be exchanged for labor. Projects like these take support – everyone starts somewhere.

    • You have been working so hard to get all of this together. You are doing so well with the funding because people believe in you and Phil and everyone in your crew. I trust that you will get what you need to make a great movie. Kevin Smith sucks, by the way.

      • Thanks love, so grateful for the support, and I can’t wait to see you at the launch party! But I like Kevin Smith! I have my copy of Mall Rats on VHS still, even though I don’t have a VHS player…

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