Celebs Without Makeup: Just Because!

They are rich, they are famous, they are “beautiful.” So today, I’m officially making it okay to make fun of famous people’s appearances. Hey, our opinions on their non-painted faces make no difference to them, or their bank accounts.

Just having a little fun!

Demi Lovato.

Demi on the left is way prettier. So. much. makeup.


Kim Kardashian

This makes me happy.


Mila Kunis

Sexiest Woman Alive (Esquire Magazine 2012)


Charlize Theron

Suburban soccer mom to the T


Eva Longoria

Is Desperate Housewives still on the air?


Renee Zelleweger

Why must she always make that face?


Tyra Banks

The bangs are a good look, Miss Banks.


Kate Hudson

Girl next door  you want to shoot hoops with vs. girl next door you want to get into bed


Jennifer Lopez

She’s still, she’s still, Jenny from the block.


Kristen Stewart

Somehow I think the Twilight star feels more comfortable with herself in photo #1


Cameron Diaz

She told UK Vogue she stayed fit by having lots and lots of sex. Well, lucky her.


Katy Perry

California Girls, they’re unforgettable.


Katherine Heigl

Is that sad look because she hasn’t made a decent movie since Knocked Up?


Jessica Biel

Justin Timberlake gets to wake up to her every day for the rest of his life.


May these celebs’ glam squads never take a day off again!

27 thoughts on “Celebs Without Makeup: Just Because!

  1. I even look better than these people without makeup on! I don’t like how the media tries to make people think they should look as good as celebrities when in reality its just a good makeup job.

  2. @butimbeautiful… ma’am I hope that’s not you in the pics because if it is, then you have no right talking about “poor old KK” because she still looks 20xs better than you without makeup. lol. The only good pic no makeup was Demi’s because she was obviously ready. She does look much better natural. Everyone elses’ picture were stolen shot! Come on ppl, you all can’t be this ignorant! We all have at least one bad pic where we looked rough in. So get off your high horses and go

  3. Actually I’m pretty sure all these women are beautiful with out makeup it’s just that none of them had like a decent picture with out makeup on besides Demi Lovato. And of course she looks better with out! She’s only like what..18? She’s naturally pretty, the other ladies how ever are aging so you can’t expect them to have great skin, additionally all these celebrities have been caking makeup on their faces for so long, that they look a lot worse then regular women. And that picture of Mila Kunis has been sooo overused. She’s gorgeous and that was just a horrible, caught of guard picture. But good post!

    • I appreciate the feedback. In no way was I trying to bash on other women maliciously. I just thought it’d be fun to point out that these women have flaws, too. It’s important for some young women to realize this because a lot of them really think celebrities and their glamour are reality. Thanks for stopping by!

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