New Television Drama Review: The Americans

The television network that brought you Justified and American Horror Story has been pushing its new Cold War drama, The Americans, for the better half of two months. As a huge fan of AHS, I was- like all who watch shows “live” rather than through DVR- subjected to endless commercials and promotions about new spring shows.

FX got themselves a new hit television show last night, or at least that is my prediction when ratings for The Americans are released. I tuned in because of the network’s excellent job at selling me something I would normally, most likely pass right by. It’s like they knew I needed some new action, thriller, drama in my life and that is just what I got. tumblr_mhgz8dTxiE1qbgdqpo1_r1_500

The very beautiful Keri Russell plays Elizabeth Jennings, and the equally attractive Matthew Rhys, plays her husband Phillip as two undercover KGB officers living in the suburbs of D.C. at the end of the Cold War, under the presidency of Ronald Reagan. With two children who know nothing of their parents’ real occupations and set up in an arranged marriage, Keri Russell’s character is cold, stiff and chillingly unlovable to her husband, who considers leaving the KGB for a normal life in America.

The first two minutes of the show had Russell in a platinum blonde wig giving up some rather kinky sex in order to get information about a top KGB officer, Visili Mitrokhin, who was in the area and had an order over him to be taken care of from back in the Soviet Union. keri-russell-matthew-rhys-the-americans-fx

The show had its slow and fast-paced moments, the perfect combination for a pilot episode to give its audience. You don’t want to move too fast, all the viewers have to go on is the snippets of previews they have seen over the past months; and too slow would be a bore. The show was an interesting mix of sex, intense action, sorrow, and most importantly- it was downright interesting.

When the Jennings’ get a new neighbor, FBI agent, Stan Beeman, played by former Walking Dead alum, Noah Emmerich, they suspect they are being watched- and watched they are being.

I suggest this show because of the authenticity alone. The idea for The Americans is based on true stories of Russian sleeper agents in America during the Cold War, and because production went to all lengths to not make it cheesy- everything checks out.

The Americans is on every Wednesday at 10 p.m. on FX.


4 thoughts on “New Television Drama Review: The Americans

  1. I saw the ads for it (because, like you said, it was impossible not to see ads for it), but wasn’t sure about giving it a shot. Based on your preliminary thoughts, I think I’ll check out an episode or two. Thanks!

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