Rocking From One Year to the Next

Already a week into December and people around me are frantically making plans for the new year. Yeah yeah, we know. 2013 is a brand new start; get skinnier, richer, better.

But hold on, poor little 2012 isn’t over yet! I still have a handful of things to do. Here they are [yes, this is a funky all-about me post that I wanted to throw up so you all could be inspired to finish out the year strong.]


The Rolling Stones 50th Anniversary Show

Yes, I’m actually going to their 50th anniversary show in New Jersey tomorrow night. I will be taking the Amtrak to Newark for dinner and drinks before what will likely be an epic performance by Mick and the gang. Although these tickets were super hard to get, my friend was able to score some. So Friday I will post a blog all about my experience, fully-equipped with photos of me showing off with a nice cold beer in my hand (hehe), and you can live vicariously through me.

The Stones at Brooklyn's Barclay center on Saturday

The Stones at Brooklyn’s Barclay center on Saturday


Ink Master live finale in Manhattan

A producer from the show called to see if I’d be interested in coming back for the show’s live finale on Tuesday the 18th. I was on the Spike reality show back in November and now I will be making my second appearance on television. At least the show starts at a time where consuming 2-4 whiskey drinks is appropriate. Nerves, people. I’ve got them.

Oh, and to make this story a bit cooler: I visited my artist from the show, Mark Matthews, last Thursday when he guest tattooed at Addicted to Ink in White Plains, New York. I look a wee bit disheveled in that photo (second down), but in my defense I was being tattooed for almost four hours!




Rockerfeller Center (NYC) to see the tree

You know, that big ol’ Christmas tree they ship from some Midwestern state and OD with lights. It’s a tradition, especially living so close (an hour) outside of Manhattan, there is really no excuse to pass this spectacle up. When with friends, even the blistering cold breezes passing from skyscraper to skyscraper don’t mean much at all.


From left: My boyfriend Alex, Chris, Sean, Jonny, Diana, me! 2011



Phish at Madison Square Garden

The best way to end a year and ring in a new one is accompanied by live music, surely. One of my best friends, Jonny and myself will be making another trek into the city for two nights of the jam-band giants. The almost annual show at Madison Square Garden is a four night run, but we are lucky to see them for two nights- having been fortunate enough to snipe tickets through the Phish ticket lottery back in autumn.


From left: Sean, Chris, Jonny, me! Phish 2011


So what are your plans before 2013 takes the reigns?

Tell me what you think!

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