Wanted: A Swift Kick in the Ass

So far, November has been just another month of the year, but after my weekend in Atlantic city, in which I lost too much money, it is time to prioritize.

After a pretty shitty semester at school in terms of figuring out my career-destiny, I decided to switch my major from journalism back to communications. I cannot see myself doing hard news investigations for the rest of my life, I realized that after hating being on the school newspaper. Dateline, lead, report facts, blah, boring, no.

If anything I wanted to write about music and entertainment news, but since I was not given a chance to, I moved on. I don’t have time to waste doing shit step-by-step anymore. I want to graduate.

So in light of my recent frustrations in school and at the casino, I have put together a list of 3 things to achieve by this month’s end. If you feel you can offer any advice, do tell. Lord knows I will need it.


1. Get a friggen’ diet/exercise plan in order

I started following Italian fitness guru, Bella Falconi, on Instagram and now I am so fucking inspired it hurts. Her body is serious. It’s not like I have never seen a fit woman in my life, but she is so beautiful I want her lifestyle. I have enough time to spend a few hours f my day at the gym every day. I have become lazy and lost all my love for athletics. I do not want to spend any money on a dietitian or personal trainer. I believe I can start this up on my own with enough research and dedication. It really is hard to cut down the foods I love. I will give myself until December to make a plan, then I’m going to push myself to the max for my ideal body.

2. Figure out student loan, finances like a pro

What a huge ouchie this weekend was. I do not remember when I started to think I was some casino extraordinaire  but that thought has long been maxed out with the $20’s I fed to the slot machines. I have been living on a serious whim the past couple of months, spending frivolously whenever and wherever I want. The truth is, I feel like living for today is the only way to live. I hate that cliche so much, but it has worked in my ongoing life quest for fun fun fun. However, the party is sort of over, I need to buckle down. How do I do this? I have zero experience.

3. Revamp, replan, my blog

I have slacked with sarah On The Go! over the past few months and that is just not all right. I want it to be more exciting, colorful… meaningful. I want to cover the things that are always on my mind; music, movies, television, things that piss me off, things that make me happy. I used to do this all the time, what happened? Every day something happens, I cannot always be on vacation! By December 1st, this site will have a new look and feel; that same look and feel that got me Freshly Pressed and attracted readers from around the world. I have a great medium here, all of us bloggers do, time to utilize it to the max.

Those were the days…

14 thoughts on “Wanted: A Swift Kick in the Ass

  1. student loans can be a super pain in the ass. if you call whoever does your loans, they should be able to help you work out a plan for repayment. and as for personal finances, mint.com is great. it tells you what you spend and where. I’ve also got a spreadsheet that goes through the next year that has what I make each month and what I pay for bills and whenever I pay one, I change the amount to PAID in big red letters. it’s pretty nice to see a bunch of those at the end of the month:)

  2. Sarah,

    My own plan for finishing school and having something I love to do afterwards started with looking for the jobs I didn’t qualify for, yet. I have skimmed all sorts of things. Now I am in the Oregon Leadership in Sustainability program, and I got my undergrad in Poli Sci.

    Do some dream job hunting. And really research the responsibilities of the job. Find out your MBTI type and what kinds of jobs are best suited to you. Know how much money it will cost you to finish school. And make sure the job you want can pay for it at entry level positions.

    Start saving for your “fuck you” fund. You should work towards having about 6 months of expenses saved up. In this economy you want to have that kind of a safety net.

    If you’d like to talk more I’d be up for it. Good luck =)


  3. she;s a bit too muscular for me…LOL! but yeah, I really wanted to do journalism when I was younger but in college I realised I’m a creative soul. No way, I can do hard news. Besides news is all a bunch of media powerhouses telling people what they think is important news and most of it’s depressing, politics-driven power-plays. Not into playing those games. I suggest just taking time away from the noise for a couple of days in the countryside so you can hear your inner ‘you’ talking and then going with your gut. It always works out when following instincts and your heart. Good luck lady!

    • Thanks for the advice. I always feel that getting away to a local retreat is absolutely necessary for peace of mind… especially when I’m totally stressed about school, work, and my place in the world. I really appreciate the feedback!

      • You should keep us updated on here! It helps when someone is keeping you accountable…that’s why people like trainers. But I will be your work out buddy anytime. ALSO it helps to not only do your reg work outs but to schedule like fun social hikes and rock climbing etc…healthier than our usual binge drinking karaoke sessions haha. Speaking of which…brick house?

  4. Do you realize that you are the female version of me? You and I are both former Journalist/ current Communications majors who love to write, travel, and live it up.

    Love your blog, it’s great. Hit me on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/dankfravalos) and follow me on Twitter and I’ll be sure to tweet out some of your posts because they are literally my life in the lens of a woman.

    Keep on keepin’ on kid.

  5. It’s so nice to be on the other end of the career thing. Can’t imagine trying to set out with the debt load that’s common these days.
    Salute you, too, for facing up to the reality of hard-news reporting versus your deeper yearnings. That’s why I’ve written poetry and fiction on the side over all these decades, while earning an income at the office. (OK, I’ve rarely kept up with the physical exercise, even when I was actively hiking.)
    Now, let’s see where your muse leads. The blog revamp is a great step. Best wishes.

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