Fly Me Away: My Countdown to Aruba

I am leaving for Aruba on Tuesday and while I have some blog posts scheduled while I am gone, I wanted to put a quick one up today about the traveling ants in my pants.

I am so excited! I already started packing already just in case I realize I do not have something and need to run out and make a purchase.

Organization at its finest

I normally travel with my cupcake luggage tag, it has been a tradition for many years, but my sister recently gave me a martini tag and I feel obligated to use it. Perhaps, both? I know Alex would not want a martini glass on his luggage, he has a little red car already. Luggage tags make me happy. It’s the little things.

One of the best parts of traveling to the Caribbean is my love for all-inclusive. Food and drinks all day (what a glutton I am) without having to whip out cash or credit. Our hotel, the Divi Aruba, has a swim-up bar! Since our stay at the Melia Caribe in the Dominican Republic, which had a huge swim-up bar, I make sure to tell our travel agent that it is a priority. Hey, when you are spending almost two G’s on a vacation, you can be picky!

Getting my swimmy drank on in the Dominican Republic!

The only time I did not stay all-inclusive was at Atlantis in the Bahamas, and that is because the resort did not offer that option, only meal plans (pricey). Of all the beaches I have seen, Bahamas is in the running for the best. However, Barbados remains the champion. I was speechless. The white sands are mesmerizing, and the water is completely see-through.

Anyway, I am daydreaming! I have everything I need, and when you are going away to a resort in Aruba or anywhere tropical, those things are limited to sundresses, bikinis and flip-flops.

My only issue right now is what to do on the plane. I am not afraid of flying but it does not hurt to down a couple cocktails mid-air. I usually listen to music and stare out into the clouds, but since Alex is 6 foot 2, he needs the aisle and I am stuck in the middle. Gr.

Plane game-face circa 2007

Cue, Beach Boys- Kokomo. I want to get there fast and take it slow, but that is always the only frustrating part of vacation (besides lost luggage which has happened to me). Time flies. Eight days in paradise is what I need before a busy school semester. I need some time away from bars and away from the same people- as bad as that sounds. I need to rethink what is really important in my life.

So, what am I missing? What activities should I try out on the plane? Do you read, do crosswords? 

What is your favorite part of the Caribbean vacation experience? 

I have heard that one of the best parts of Aruba is how small it is. You can rent a car or cab to drive you around the island which is apparently 42 miles total. Have you been there? If so, what do I need to do when I leave the resort?


Have a lovely weekend and please, fill me in with your travel traditions, stories and advice! I would love to hear it. 

8 thoughts on “Fly Me Away: My Countdown to Aruba

  1. Have a great time! I usually read magazines that I haven’t been able to read. Also, I don’t enjoy flying. Music helps and so does a glass of wine or two. I have never been to Aruba, look forward to seeing your pictures. Have a blast:)

  2. Oh I know you’re going to have a fabulous time. Aruba is one of my favorite islands – we normally stay at Tamarijn. We were there in February on a cruise – and went to the Calabari area – sadly not enough time for beach fun. Take plenty pics!!

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  4. You will love Aruba… One of the best islands I have been to… if you want to see some of my pics check out my blog and search for Aruba… I have no idea how to link in a comment. The white sandy beaches are some of the best I have ever seen! Have fun and look forward to reading about your adventures

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