Walking Dead: Season 3 Preview Weekend

If you love gore, suspense and the zombies who bring those two horror elements together for fist-clenching fun, you should be watching AMC’s the Walking Dead. 

I have made no reservations about professing my utter obsession for the hit show, which debuted on network television back in 2010. I was late to the game, missing the entire first season because I had no idea it was a show. My friend Sean came over for a night of relaxation in front of the tube on that fateful day in October, which just so happened to be the premiere of the Walking Dead’s second season.

Ever since then, you could call me the ultimate über fan.

If you missed season one, two or have yet to see either, I am almost begging you to tune into AMC this weekend starting Saturday at 11:30 a.m. for the 19 episode marathon. Throughout the day there will be outtakes from its upcoming season 3, as well as cast interviews and tidbits of delicious Walking Dead goodness that will ease all that anxiety you have waiting for October to roll around again.

Then on Sunday evening (7/8) at the show’s original air time, 9 p.m., Walking Dead producers: Glen Mazzara and Robert Kirkman will be on a special edition of The Talking Dead, a sit-down discussion hosted by Chris Hardwick who will take on questions from fans, with more revelations from season 3.

New character: The Governor

Will Carol and Daryl fall in love this season?

Will Lori find out more about this baby? Will it die? Will she die? (I hate her but would not want to see her go)

What will become of Carl? Everyone hates on him, but I like him as a part of the show.

Who the hell is this Michonne character? I am not feeling all this hype surrounding her. Corny outfit, too.

It was revealed there was a new Shane-like character but more “likable” (um, speak for yourselves! I loved Shane)

On that note, how will the show play out without Shane around. He was the absolute best character on that show, and bravest as well.

So there you have it, all the information you will need to properly set your weekend up around the Walking Dead. I will be at Phish until Sunday morning, but the DVR is set, and the bubbly champagne is ready for a TV-a-thon Sunday, all day!

Myself (as Shane in the black) and friends at our Walking Dead finale party in March

11 thoughts on “Walking Dead: Season 3 Preview Weekend

  1. So what’s so great about this show? My 14 year old son actually told me he’s been watching it — I had no idea — now I’m feeling a little behind the times. I like True Blood…would I like this?

    • True Blood is a good show but it’s WAY out there, almost too unrealistic. The Walking Dead is equally about a zombie apocalypse as it is a gritty, soul-searching, sad and suspense-ridden soap opera where people are forced to deal with each other and life and death decisions on a whim. There’s a lot of heart to this show and it’s fun to watch how people morph into cold humans after a while. I say watch it, it’s really that good:)

  2. Second season was far better than the first, and I can’t wait for third season. However, this tv show really pales in comparison to the graphic niovels. You want answers to all those questions you posted? Read the comics. They’re epic. I actually didn’t like the tv show at first because they were so far off from the books. There’s just so much more in depth characterisation that the show lacks.

    • For some reason I have no desire to read the comics. I know the answers are in there, and I do like to read lol, but I would rather just stick to how the show wants to do things. I think production is great and the actors do a great job playing out their desperation. Maybe after season 3 I’ll begin to read…

      I just hate spoilers!:)

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