SOPA Bill Threatens U.S. Internet Freedoms

As if continuous economic troubles and unemployment increases were not enough of a heavy load to be carried into the New Year, America now has to fight for our rights to defend existing freedoms.

As you may have heard in an uproar of internet strikes and Facebook statuses today, anti-piracy acts PIPA (Protect IP Act) and SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) are threatening to shut down widely popular sites such as Facebook, Wikipedia, Tumblr, as well as the skeleton of all the world wide web, Google. In attempt to prevent thievery among copyrighted material, PIPA and SOPA have been carrying their weight throughout Washington D.C. this week, while some politicians who previously backed the bill have withdrawn their support.

The internet has given me a world of knowledge; access to new cultures (which is what we like here at sarah On The Go), and the ability to stay informed about breaking news via Twitter. I am able to keep in touch with friends from across the globe through Facebook, and use Google to research college work.

Just doing my part, click this link below to sign your name to the petition hosted by Google, which could potentially keep this outrageous bill from going any further.


You tell ’em, Red!

5 thoughts on “SOPA Bill Threatens U.S. Internet Freedoms

  1. SOPA is utterly stupid, and it sounds like it would target things that aren’t even host to piracy—like Facebook! And Google? Those aren’t the problem areas—focus on shutting down torrent sites and the like, if they want to do anything at all! Kill piracy at its source. But attack everything else, and you’ll only make piracy stronger by encouraging pirates to use other means. Really, piracy is TOUGH to stop. But you don’t just kill the whole Internet to battle its virus.

    Sounds more like an attack against free speech to me. But Congress is trying to take rights away from everyone anymore.

    • Stephanie, I agree. Piracy is tough because it is hard to find where it all stems from. The people who run torrent sites and what have you are tricky and well, kind of smart. If those fools in Congress could take away free speech, free press, etc. they definitely would. I don’t know how a lot of them get in there, but I’m telling you that this election season, people need to get on the ball and know the issues before they hastily fill in bubbles on the ballot next to names they are unsure of… or worse, not vote at all!:)

  2. I’m hoping I didn’t totally miss the boat on this one. I had a draft out yesterday, but my day was too busy to get back around to it.

    Social Media, Blogging, Youtube, etc aren’t the problem. Yes, a lot of information gets passed around via these outlets. But, I doubt anyone has the intent for copyright infringement. Like Stephanie said above, it’s those torrent sites, and applications like Limewire, Frostwire, Napster, etc. These bills are too broad, and again, like Stephanie said above, seem like more of an attack on Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Information. What next? Internet police? I thought we were in America, not China.

    I did a write up called I Ain’t Afraid of No SOPA (for those who were alive in the 80’s, I thought it would be appreciated). It’s especially important to the mental health community. Censorship in there would shut everyone down. Because no one wants to have an open dialogue about such distasteful issues. Hence, we are on the internet.

    I won’t stand for it. My name, my real name, exists on every single petition I could find. I’m not going to stand by and watch this happen.

  3. I was pleasantly surprised to read all over the net today that the PIPA/SOPA protests have actually had quite a major effect on the likelihood of the bill(s) being passed. It’s rather amazing to know that sometimes it IS possible to change things on a grand level like this:-)

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