All I Want For Christmas is You- And These 19 Material Things

I hate to admit this. Actually, I am almost positive that a week from now someone will throw this in my face: Tuesday night I watched the Glee Christmas Special. I never saw an episode in my life, but it got turned on by “accident” and just so happened to remain on the tube for 60 whole minutes. Regardless, I want to know who this Rachel beotch thinks she is? She totally gave Finn, her way too good-looking for her boyfriend, a Christmas list with 15 things on it! Before you cringe like I did, know that she continued by stating he only had to buy her five of those things. What an angel!

I have not made a Christmas list in far too many years, but after seeing that cheese-tastic episode I was inspired by the obnoxious yet vocally blessed Lea Michele character to establish a hypothetical list to my boyfriend… Santa Claus, a Christmas Stork, a sugar daddy. This was surprisingly easy for me. Ha! In a previous article (aka Wednesday’s Suburbia Meets the Big Apple post), I ended by stating that I have increasingly become more simple. I am. All I want is fun and happiness, and lately that has come to me through forms of self-expression like music, art and a more natural outlook on what I should accept into my life. However, I am allowed to have wants. This is not the Medieval times and I am not so broke, nor are my friends and family, that we cannot exchange gifts and overindulge in online shopping. Give me a break.

You will find no expensive electronics or items over $50 bucks on here. Most are from my favorite online shopping site,, but I will state otherwise with each description. Etsy is a marketplace for vendors that sell all things from clothing, jewelry, antiques, collectibles and beauty products.  Most of these items are extensions of things I would find as useful decor in my home, fashion, hobbies, or things I want to take up to expand my knowledge and love for creating. Of course, how could I leave out some beauty products. I am a sucker for anything scented that will mask my stinky room or make my skin soft and reminiscent of a countryside apple orchard. So here goes it, a collection of things which can inspire gift-giving or shopping for yourself. Twenty would have been overboard, so I stuck with nineteen. I would like to thank Glee for inspiring this post, and for reminding me why I will never watch it again. Happy shopping!

1. This here shawl needs little explaining. Ladies, it is adorable. Whether you put a tank or long-sleeve tee underneath, you will be rocking a relaxing, Bohemian look. The “Vintage Poncho Shawl” with black lace and fringe is one of those pieces of clothing that is versatile in that you can wear it any season. Listed on by Circle of Love Vintage for $35 dollars. 

2. I cannot quite explain my attraction towards this necklace, but I have had my eyes on it for a bit. Priced at just $23 dollars, this “Pretty Bird” necklace by Jake and Noel on is just that- pretty! I could match it to a lot of my clothes and it would give some simple character without exaggerated or unnecessary bling. 

3. Lately, I have been a sucker for bags I can strap over my chest. This one here is divine. The vintage floral woven tooled “Leather Shoulder Cross Bag” by Toats McGoats is one of a kind, literally. Not only is handmade but there is only one! Listed on for $35 dollars, I really have no idea why I have not scooped this up yet. Wait, yes I do, because I want you to buy it for me! Hehe.

4. The writer in me demands a more fun journal! Scribbling random thoughts and poems in the back of my philosophy notebook is getting old. This “Bridges and Balloons” moleskine will give me writing swagger. Not to mention, I need a more fitting home for my work than a Five-Star notebook. Why? I just do. is hosting this item at $22 bucks by Shoofly.

5. Maybe Zombie Love “Corpse Cleaner” is not as similar as a countryside orchard, but I have had the pleasure of using these before and I want more! The four-pack of body washes include: Zombie Love, Coffin Candy, Zombie Zen and Screamsicle. Check out Blood Bath on These scented bath gels have been proclaimed by its makers as the “morbid version of Victoria’s Secret Love Spell.” Sold!

6. What an addition to my bookshelf this would be! The 90’s classic television show has its own book stuffed with wisdom, quotes, inspiration and photographs. I cannot think of another way to start my day then with some motivational words by Zach Morris. The “Saved By the Bell Guide to Life” is available on eBay and Amazon, as well as in stores such as Urban Outfitters. Click here to get it for only $5.95. 

7. My paint supplies are all properly thrown into an oversized and ripping-more-by-the-day Aldo tote in my closet. Although separated by the always professional sandwiches baggies, I figured this “Mini Tote Organizer” for crafts and paint is just what I need to prevent damage to my brushes and paint leakage. Made by Rehab Spaces and sold on for $14 George Washington’s, it was a must-have on my 2011 Christmas list.

8. These “Little Owl” Fingerless gloves are adorable. I want them and need them all the same. Priced at $37 dollars on, these crocheted gloves by Homelab are perfect for someone like mwah, who needs to keep a steady grip on things!

9. Yeah, that’s right! I want candle holders for Christmas. In honor of my love for skulls and sparkly fake gems, I decided to put this on the list. When I write, candles are a must. These “Sugar Skull” votive candle holders are $19 bucks each and can be found at

10. Never judge a book by its cover? Oh, shut up! This cover sold me in .3 seconds. Not only is there a fluffy cat head but pink cupcakes and the moon. Rad. “Stoner Coffee Table Book” by Steve Mockus, can be found in stores at Urban Outfitters or online at for a mere $11.53. This collection of funkadelic visuals is for self-explanatory entertaining purposes.  Happy post-tokes, my friends!

11. My room is sans clock. I use my phone and computer for the time and I feel that is so 2011. A wall clock is great room decor and believe me, my personal space needs some sprucing up. This “Grateful Dead Recycled Record Vinyl” wall clock may be a vintage piece, but works. Yippie! The makers of this clock on, It’s Our Earth, have many more by artists like the Beatles, Neil Diamond and Billy Idol.

12. If you know me personally, you will know I am Full House obsessed. If you do not know me, then I will spare you the details of my insane Tanner-crazed existence. This flask is perfect for when I sneak alcohol into live shows and even clubs. Listed by The Antiquated Crow on for only $17.95. You got it dude!

13. Given my obvious love and adoration towards alcohol, I found this precious little recipe book to be a fantastical addition to my list. Drinking the old-fashioned way (out of a glass) is o-u-t! I want to eat cake and catch a buzz. “Booze Cakes” by Krystina Castella and Terry Lee Stone is priced on at only $11.26. Ah, cheers to the gifts that keep on giving. 

14. The last pair of Converse I had went floating down a steady-flowing river when I tried to cross it barefoot, being stabbed in the foot by rocks then dropping them/watching them get carried away. True story. I could not chase them down! So in their honor, I would like to try again. These classic “Chuck Taylor All-Stars” are priced at $50 bucks and can be found at just about any shoe store. Thanks, Santa! I promise to invest in some water shoes next time.

15. I have had the same goldfish for about 3 years now, he is properly named Fish. He is too cool to be swimming around in some generic plastic fishbowl. I found this totally fishter-hipster “60s Fish Hotel” at a great vintage shopping site, for $37 dollars. Fish deserves to live out the rest of his monotonous life in style, don’t ya think?

16. We have all heard it before, “a girl can never have enough shoes.” True, but in my case, I prefer boots. These vintage black leather lace up boot are perfect-o for my wardrobe. marketplace seller, Apple Branches Vintage posted this item for $40 bucks and that is a great steal for these kicks. I predict myself wearing lots of skinny jeans and legs warmers with these babies. If only I had them first. 

17. For a New Englander who hates the cold, you can never have too many scarves. Not only do I appreciate my snots and sneezes staying put, but scarves are also tres fashionable… like, duh! This “Chunky Ripple Loop Scarf” is priced at $34 dollars on by a singular seller, JF Designs By Me. I think I love this scarf so much because it is preppy, and that is a bold step into the past for me. This could be a look I get into again. 

18. Right now, I have my high school diploma wedged between the metal bar that holds my bookshelf up to keep my books from tumbling over. The other side? A carved wooden elephant sculpture I bought at a flea market. In other words, these “Victorian Mermaid Bookends” are necessary before one side or the other gives out and onto my head while I sleep. is selling this item for $42 dollars. 

19. This book tote is ideal for the zillions of school books I have carried in an old, beat down Andy Warhol tote this past school semester. Maybe not as “cool” as the Warhol piece I scooped at Hot Topic some odd years ago, but witty and useful! I presume I could also use it at the grocery store. Listed at, this bag is priced at $14.95 by Pamela Fugate Designs.


I have been a very good girl this year, I deserve at least the Full House flask and that super cute moleskine. They go hand in hand, wouldn’t you say? If and when you decide to skip over me during your Christmas shopping, I hope you found some great finds for yourself and others. As I have mentioned earlier, Etsy is a great place for some different goodies. I also recommend ModCloth and Asos for those of you who could careless about a budget.

7 thoughts on “All I Want For Christmas is You- And These 19 Material Things

  1. Goodness. You are a patient one to have been able to sit through that whole Glee episode — it was so cheesy I couldn’t even get past half of it!:-) I would suggest you get Fish his new bowl … every pet needs love (and a 60’s Fish Hotel) for Christmas, don’t you think?

    Happy holidays!

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