The Butcher or The Cattle: The Walking Dead Season 5 Premiere

There are spoilers from last night’s premiere episode of The Walking Dead in this post, so if you haven’t watched it yet, come back after you have! 


Yuck. My stomach is still reeling from the bat to head scene. I mean, we’ve seen a variety of icky deaths throughout four seasons of AMC’s blockbuster television show The Walking Dead, but last night’s trough bit was out of control nasty. There was something about the ease of swinging the bat that its handler possessed, like he was casually hitting a baseball. The psychotic vibe of the killer duos’ actions- swing, kill, slice their throats… drain for blood, repeat. Their evilness was truly felt.

As a reader of the graphic novels, I anticipated a bat to rear its barbed-wirey head at some point, but maybe not until a season six, or perhaps when the book’s next huge villain arrives, Negan, who is far worse than any Governor could have been.  Capture

And even though I had guessed the people at Terminus were cannibals the moment I saw the lady cooking on the grill at the end of season four, it was easy to assume nothing good could come from a “safe haven” with that kind of name, anyway. Right? Terminus. Sounds like, well, terminate… which I’m assuming is a bad word to hear during a zombie apocalypse, or in most circumstances.

lOverall, the first episode of season five was everything fans could have wanted. It was packed with action, and had just the right amount of story. The MVP for last night clearly goes to Carol. Good thing she knew there was a propane tank nearby, or that it even had any propane left in it, or for using a bottle rocket better than an unattended 6 year-old during a pyro-rampage on the 4th of July. If not for her, I’m sure Rick, Daryl, Glenn and Bob (who I was sure was going to get that knife stabbed all up and around his eyeball) well, they’d all be dead and season five, and mostly likely the show’s franchise, would wither into nothingness.
This season promises a lot, evidently shown through the relentlessness of last night. If that is the very first one they wanted to show the world, we are justified in knowing the rest of the season will not disappoint.

3 Things I’ve Been Doing Besides Blogging

Saying I have slacked off from posting on this site is an understatement. It’s just a dull and boring February. I do intend to post more because I love having a blog to discuss whatever I want, and I love reading your comments. Next week I’ve got a few more sexually-fueled topics to cover, like a follow-up to last year’s, “Living Vicariously Through You: Sex & The Strange,” which has been one of my most viewed posts ever! 

Fortunately for my sanity, warmer weather is just around the corner, and with that comes lots of outdoor adventures. So until then, what have I been doing? 

3. Seeing mediocre 3D movies

Don’t get me started on the capacity of which I love Kit Harington. For all you Game of Thrones freaks out there, he plays Jon Snow, and actually is a really good actor. I support him in whatever he does because I am, admittedly, a massive fan girl of the curly-haired Brit. However, dare I say, Pompeii was bad. 

First and foremost, Kiefer Sutherland completely threw me off. What casting director thought it was ideal to cast him as a Roman senator? I appreciate him as an actor but not in this type of film. Better yet, who came up with 3D movies so I can punch them in the eyes for two hours, because that’s how I felt leaving the flick. 3D glasses do not make the quality of the film any better, or any more fun.

I’m straying off topic…

Basically I can’t get down with movies where two people fall in love all within ten minutes and then when they are forced to stay apart from one another we are suppose to feel sad for them. Mount Vesuvius, the legendary volcano that destroyed the city of Pompeii in 79 A.D. in and of itself is a very interesting story. In the movie it was second only to Kit’s glowing abdomen. I must say that as it erupted and turned everyone in its path to scorched corpses and ruined existence to mere ash, I was nerding out. Everything else, with the exception of Kit Harington, was not so great.

MORE storytelling, no 3D goggles, and an R rating would have made it pretty badass.


2. Dieting & Cooking

Yeah, they actually do go together! I want to drop 30 pounds in three months, but before you go immediately to the comment section to tell me I’ve lost my mind, hear a sista out. I drink a lot of beer, I enjoy soda with dinner and I eat like shit. So when I say 30 pounds, I mean it. I am aiming for 10 pounds of month, and this is all on a very strict diet. securedownload

I’ve got a lot of great recipes lined up with the help of Tumblr and Instagram. This time around I am only eating clean food. All the chicken, eggs, and fish I get is organically fed, cage-free, etc. Besides that, I am only consuming real food, nothing processed whatsoever. I actually have been enjoying eating avocado without sugary aids a la guacamole.

Anyone with recipe ideas is more than welcome to help me out. So far, I’ve found that cutting up fruits and veggies and using them as a salsa-like topping for steamed chicken or salmon has been absolutely delicious. The only downfall to all this is… shopping healthy is damn expensive!

1. Netflix & the return of my shows

I started a handful of new shows recently and some of my old loves have finally come back. It’s no surprise that I am a huge fan of The Walking Dead, but recently I’ve focused my attention towards whatever Netflix has to offer.

tumblr_mkck5aVLP61qav174o1_500Bates Motel is so damn good. Anyone else out there watch that? I really love the premise: a mother and son in an oddly close relationship who try to start new in a town by buying out an old motel when everything just goes awry. The story is of a young Norman Bates. Anyone who loves Psycho would most likely appreciate this show. The new season starts Monday on A&E.

The first season of FX’s The Americans was a trial run for myself and many of my friends. Most weren’t into it and decided not to watch the season two premiere that aired this past Wednesday. Mistake. What an epic first episode.

Two Russian KGB spies (Matthew Rhys and Keri Russell) are planted in Washington D.C. during the Cold War. Their work is to raise a family, work a “normal job” and do, you know, spy stuff. There’s violence, lots of sex, and a ton of great plot. This is the only show on television right now that brings suspense to a new meaning.


If you are going through this wicked cold winter like I am in Connecticut, you’ll know there really isn’t much to do outside of the house. sarah On The Go is going to have so much pep in the warmer months, I would like to think I’ll be pushing out three posts a week. Until then, I’m off to make myself quinoa stuffed squash and see what’s just been released on Netflix!


sarah On The Go! has mostly been immobile due to that stuff…. that ugly, horrible, white stuff.