The Butcher or The Cattle: The Walking Dead Season 5 Premiere

There are spoilers from last night’s premiere episode of The Walking Dead in this post, so if you haven’t watched it yet, come back after you have! 


Yuck. My stomach is still reeling from the bat to head scene. I mean, we’ve seen a variety of icky deaths throughout four seasons of AMC’s blockbuster television show The Walking Dead, but last night’s trough bit was out of control nasty. There was something about the ease of swinging the bat that its handler possessed, like he was casually hitting a baseball. The psychotic vibe of the killer duos’ actions- swing, kill, slice their throats… drain for blood, repeat. Their evilness was truly felt.

As a reader of the graphic novels, I anticipated a bat to rear its barbed-wirey head at some point, but maybe not until a season six, or perhaps when the book’s next huge villain arrives, Negan, who is far worse than any Governor could have been.  Capture

And even though I had guessed the people at Terminus were cannibals the moment I saw the lady cooking on the grill at the end of season four, it was easy to assume nothing good could come from a “safe haven” with that kind of name, anyway. Right? Terminus. Sounds like, well, terminate… which I’m assuming is a bad word to hear during a zombie apocalypse, or in most circumstances.

lOverall, the first episode of season five was everything fans could have wanted. It was packed with action, and had just the right amount of story. The MVP for last night clearly goes to Carol. Good thing she knew there was a propane tank nearby, or that it even had any propane left in it, or for using a bottle rocket better than an unattended 6 year-old during a pyro-rampage on the 4th of July. If not for her, I’m sure Rick, Daryl, Glenn and Bob (who I was sure was going to get that knife stabbed all up and around his eyeball) well, they’d all be dead and season five, and mostly likely the show’s franchise, would wither into nothingness.
This season promises a lot, evidently shown through the relentlessness of last night. If that is the very first one they wanted to show the world, we are justified in knowing the rest of the season will not disappoint.

Walking Dead Overload: My Cincinnati Trip

Allow me to get the bad out of the way, first. Our hotel, The Millenium, was so outdated and dirty, I plan to write an extensive review on Trip Advisor soon. At $200 dollars a night, I expected at least a clean set of sheets, working remote and heater.

Other than that, I must say that myself and best friend Chris had an exceptional time in both Kentucky and Ohio. We went to the Horrorhound Convention for two days and had a blast meeting cast members of AMC’S hit drama, The Walking Dead. Besides the fact that the convention was utterly chaotic and unorganized, the knowledge I gathered at New York Comic Con last October helped when we had to figure out which lines to wait in and how early. The people working the event had no idea (reviews on their Facebook page prove I am not the only one who feels this way).

The first day we toured Downtown Cincinnati; we walked past the Reds’ and Bengals’ stadiums, and ate a delicious lunch at Moerlein’s Lager House which overlooked the Ohio River over to Kentucky. I had a yummy sausage and kraut sandwich with an OTR Pale Ale, my friend a barbecue chicken sandwich and Goose Island home brew.

Our one night out was spent at Mynt Martini in Fountain Square. Very friendly staff and bartenders, good music and strong cocktails!

Here are some photos I snapped during my stay.