Karma: Do You Really Reap What You Sow?

I was in class yesterday morning when I overheard two girls being typically catty about another female who supposedly did one of them so wrong it called for serious revenge… and not how many of us understand revenge to be.

Without falling out of my seat in the process of eavesdropping, I only picked up on certain things, so I do not know the whole story. What I do know is Girl A and Girl B discussed black magic like I was not sitting there obviously trying to listen. They had done it before. Now, do recall that totally awesome 90’s flick, “The Craft” with Neve Campbell and Fairuza Bulk. Snakes and curses and that room with the pentagram etched into the floor that is the ‘mark of the devil.’ If I could sell black magic on an advertisement it would read, “all you need is a strand of hair or drop of blood to get that bitch back!” However, these girls were not totally gothed out in all black and with Satan’s Bible peeking out from under our nutrition textbook.

Girl A and B looked totally normal by all standards of society. But what makes them not so normal is their discussion on how to get Girl X back by way of voodoo and hexes, after picking up appropriate spell-gear at a shop in an outlying town.


Class started and all I was left with were my thoughts.

I have to wonder. To what degree could karma be real? Between all of my vices and the mistakes I have made in my life, my moments of pure anger, shouldn’t I be neck deep in pig’s blood by now?

The only time I sat and wished bad upon someone I was in a car accident that same day. Car totaled.  That night I had my bridge collapse dream, in which a cloud-like apparition spoke to me as I was fighting for my life, telling me to start living right and not to wish bad upon people. I have yet to make anything of that whole situation. It could have merely been a freaky coincidence. I always thought that if a matter is weighing heavily on your mind you will dream it up. Could be, or maybe I am making excuses.

Since then, I have straightened out my thought processes, living as happy as my little life allows me and limiting my anger to matters in this world which deserve it; I never hate for the sheer fact of hating. Perhaps, being a good person is long learning process.

I guess, I am afraid of karma, It’s one of those things I think just floats around waiting to attack, or embrace us. If humans act good so they can receive good karma, to me, that is almost deserving of bad karma. It seems to be a lose-lose situation. So whether I am sitting in the middle of a lecture hall or in the privacy of my bedroom mapping out the fate of some hated ex-friend via voodoo, where does my karma come in? How is it determined?

Can it be that black magic works? So well so that Girl A and Girl B are relying on it for a second go around to deal with unfavorable people in unfavorable circumstances? Does karma apply to magic (if it exists)? If centuries of mankind practicing black magic says anything, it could be said that there is some truth in it. On a similar note, people have been following religion for centuries and there is no proof that exists either.

Who deals out the karma. Is it an entity in itself, or is it just the way the universe works?

I am the type of person who likes to explore things further after hearing something kooky and it sparks my interest. There is an itty bitty part of me that wants to go to one of these “spell stores” and simply take a peep around. Bad idea?