Furthur Brings the Good Vibes to Connecticut

Former members of the Grateful Dead, Phil Lesh and Bob Weir, took their highly sought-after tour to Wallingford, Connecticut this past Saturday night for a very sold out show. Myself and friend Jonny… Continue reading

Easter Weekend: Food, Trivia & How the Holiday is Celebrated Around the World

Today is Good Friday, and whether you are Catholic, Jewish, or religious at all, you most likely have the day of school or work off to honor the beginning of the holiday weekend.… Continue reading

April is National Poetry Month

The beautiful month of April celebrates poets and their craft! The Academy of American Poets recognizes this creative form of writing and the people behind it all month long, and has been since… Continue reading

Aruba: Eight Days in Paradise

Official tropical vacation of yours truly this summer: Aruba!  Hit play on the Beach Boys, Kokomo track. It is time to blog, Aruban style! I am going to do my damn hardest not… Continue reading

Gathering of the Vibes Blog is a Go!

My first blog post was published today on the official Gathering of the Vibes website.  Gathering of the Vibes is a festival held in my hometown of Bridgeport, Connecticut that includes music relative… Continue reading

Time is the Same in Every Language

Time. Shíjiān. Vremya. Temps. Jikan. Samaya. Tempo. Zeit. Tiempo. Sigan. Czas. Growing up sucks. When I was in the eighth grade and first experimented with black eyeliner I thought I was the coolest… Continue reading

The Black Keys Take on Second Sold Out Show at the Garden

Last night my two friends and I took the Metro North train from Fairfield to Grand Central Terminal in New York City for an evening of great tunes and gorgeous weather. The Black… Continue reading

The Overactive Dreamer: When Sleep Gets Real

Bedtime is getting weird lately. My dreams have been too lucid. While my brain is normally overactive while I sleep, lately it has been more so than ever. I guess it is not… Continue reading

The 10 Commandments of Social Situations

Hear ye, hear ye! Fret no more about awkward social situations because sarah On The Go is here to help you (and rightfully bitch you out), for some of the biggest pet peeves… Continue reading


Originally posted on The Reinvented Lass:
A few weeks ago, I wrote a post asking how do you start to believe in yourself where there isn’t empirical evidence to validate your belief. Around…

Born and Raised: The Meaning Behind the Music

Have you ever heard a song that moves you so much you are almost brought tears? Sometimes, that song is not even a sad one, but it sends a message that relates to… Continue reading

Giving Au Natural a Shot: My Recent Health Obsession

You know what is the new cool? Self-helping before the days starts. As of lately, I have managed to remember that starting my morning with inspirational mantras is helpful towards achieving a day… Continue reading

The Road To Riches: Count Me Out

I live in a state with a reputation for riches and mansions; a place everyone wants to raise their kids, cookie-cutter style with perfection. Mini vans are a must, PTA meetings are these… Continue reading

Music Madness: 150 Artists For My Viewing Pleasure

I just cannot seem to shut up about the Bonnaroo Music Festival lately. I can assure you that I will calm down with the blog posts in the near future, but for now… Continue reading

The Day of the Dead Makes its Triumphant Return

Tonight the Walking Dead’s second half of season two comes back with a vengeance. The show ended on the killing of a zombie Sophia, after the majority of the first half dealt around… Continue reading

Moving On Up: Feature Writing for the Eyes of Thousands

Starting off this year on the right foot can prove to be difficult for many. With much hope, I am rooting for all of you to gear up and set out to conquer… Continue reading

The Startling Truth Behind Optimism & Happiness

There is always someone in your group of friends that is most likely to throw advice at you when you are feeling bummed. Even if we just need to make one tiny decision,… Continue reading

Marked for Life: A Little Number on Tattoos

Tomorrow afternoon, I am going to a new shop in the southern part of my state for my newest tattoo. What it is, I will not reveal! Although you may shrivel into a… Continue reading

These Boots are Made for Road Trippin’

Good ol’ Tennessee! Home to some of the most distinguished names in music history, this Southeastern state boasts not only its knack for continuously producing music greats, but the food culture and beautiful… Continue reading

SOPA Bill Threatens U.S. Internet Freedoms

As if continuous economic troubles and unemployment increases were not enough of a heavy load to be carried into the New Year, America now has to fight for our rights to defend existing… Continue reading

Channeling the F-Word: It’s Not What You Think

After a weekend of playing the female Dr. Drew, where I believe to be almost equally knowledgeable about sex and relationships, I had to blog about it all. Oh, I know you winced when you… Continue reading

The Evolution of Reality TV

Before I begin to tear into today’s topic without discretion, I will have you know that I love reality television. There is something about the ingredients poured into reality shows that borders on… Continue reading

Playmates Don’t Eat Lasagna: Finding Health & Balance in 2012

This weekend was one big culinary orgasm. I went out to several restaurants and indulged in countless carbohydrates while unabashedly basking in gluttonous satisfaction. I drank lager after lager and chose mashed potatoes and rice as… Continue reading

Big Screen Stimulus: Guns & Guts Inspire

Good day, everyone. I cannot say this blog is anything more than a strangely concocted jambalaya of feelings triggered by a movie filled with guns, guts and blood. Hey now, half the week… Continue reading

Music Makes the People Come Together, Yeah!

Growing up, I was constantly submerged in music. I took guitar lessons, taught myself the organ, sang in choir and was always a part of school musicals. But when the innocence of church… Continue reading

The Year of Me, My and I

As the new year creeps up on us, it is time to make decisions. I am talking about making changes, people! Over a week ago, I was introduced to the Day Zero Project… Continue reading

A Fresh Look at Egypt: What Cairo Has to Offer

When I was in the seventh grade, I moved from a diverse community in an urban setting to a claustrophobic cluster of suburbanites. I sat with the “cool” table for the blink of… Continue reading

A Blue Christmas: Coping with Loss During the Holidays

Christmas is this weekend and while many have the gift of holiday spirit fueling their efforts to prepare, others are left with sad reminders of family or friends who have passed. There is… Continue reading

All I Want For Christmas is You- And These 19 Material Things

I hate to admit this. Actually, I am almost positive that a week from now someone will throw this in my face: Tuesday night I watched the Glee Christmas Special. I never saw… Continue reading

Suburbia Meets the Big Apple

This past Sunday, myself and friends hopped onto the Metro North from the Fairfield station and made our way to Manhattan. We had some solid plans which included spending a good portion of… Continue reading

O’ Lonely Night: When Christmas Loses its Spunk

I am not sure how you are feeling about this holiday season so far, but I have yet to get in the mood for it. Maybe finals week and the stress of finding… Continue reading

Diggin’ a Little Deeper in the Name of Love

There are so many blogs out there! I must say it gets overwhelming to take in all the advice these young guys and gals are throwing my way. Somehow I manage, but end… Continue reading

The Good, the Bad and the Unusual: Random Weekend Trivia

I was browsing the internet in anticipation for someone to text me with plans for tonight- trying to get my daily dose of world news and celebrity gossip equally- when I began thinking… Continue reading

Late Night Insight Vol. 3: Drunky Funky Collection

To be completely honest, I drank enough tonight to earn an honorary spot in the German Beer Olympics, but that is not to say that I am too inebriated to post a blog… Continue reading

Will I Ever Use This In Real Life?

In my Philosophy class last week, we began to learn about different theories on ethics regarding happiness, choices and consequences, and delved deeper into what is and what is not considered moral character.… Continue reading

Are You Smarter Than a Third Grader?- Relationship Edition

Hear ye! Hear ye! Be blinded by love no more! No matter the relationship type you are in: long-term lover or dating for three weeks, we all have the tendency to act childish.… Continue reading

X’ing Out Your Ex

If you are stressing a breakup on this beautiful Tuesday afternoon, you are wasting quality living time. Whether it is a relationship that ended last week or last year, you need to realize… Continue reading

Street Chic for the Sexes

The remainder of this autumn season and our descent into winter fashion is all about bold statements. Wear what you want, how you want! To swear by page 78 of Elle Magazine is… Continue reading

Beauty Coast to Coast

As a 24 year-old with an extremely open mind to culture, I see the lifestyles that make up America differently than that of a 64 year-old, and moreover, other states and of course,… Continue reading

Cairo, Copenhagen, Connecticut?

Anthony Bourdain made his way to Waterbury, Connecticut this past Tuesday for a show at the Palace Theater. The world renowned chef and journalist spoke to a packed crowd for more than an… Continue reading

Halloween Hodgepodge

Let us enjoy some pretties (and creepies), as I like to call them, and stay happy today with the help of photographs, nostalgia, some recipes and planning ahead. I am still going on… Continue reading

Horror Movie Mayhem

I am not a witch, devil-worshiper or a Gothic princess that celebrates Halloween all year, I am merely a fanatic of this holiday (if that has not been made apparent yet). I want to talk about… Continue reading

A Stay Happy Montage

Good afternoon, cyber world! I am coming to you today with just a few things that I came across that made me feel something. Get this week rolling on a good note. We… Continue reading

A Very Halloweenie Weekend

Happy Weekend, my friends! I am coming through to promote Halloween! Surely, most of you are already doing your planning for this beautiful Friday evening but you can go to that bar any day of… Continue reading

An Afternoon Vent Sesh

“Don’t it always seem to go that you don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone.”  The always lovely Janet Jackson may have made this truthful statement extremely famous, but this one has… Continue reading

Late Night Insight Vol. 2: Body Art & Inspiration

For centuries, body art has been a form of expression and culture. Maybe you have a tattoo, know someone with a tattoo, or plan on getting a tattoo but the fact of the… Continue reading

In My Wildest Realities

Everyone has those three or four travel destinations that we swear up and down we will venture to one day. Whether it is the money that is holding you back, as it is… Continue reading

What Is Art To You?

I discriminate against no art. Abstract, surreal, traditional, sculpture, naturalistic, realistic, what have you. I love it all. (::Insert “She thinks she is so cool” comment here::) “I could do that. The painter… Continue reading

Nostalgia Overload

Merry Hump Day. You can officially start making weekend plans. Mine include apple picking and wine tasting with some friends on Saturday afternoon! I was told it would cost under 20 smackaroos and… Continue reading

A Late Night Glance Vol. 1: Art, Poetry & Inspiration

Charles Baudelaire: Be Drunk You have to be always drunk. That’s all there is to it–it’s the only way. So as not to feel the horrible burden of time that breaks your back… Continue reading