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Autumn Across America

Ah yes, autumn is here as of Saturday. For my New England peeps, bring on the beautiful foliage and crisp air. This right here is a big deal for many of us– well,… Continue reading

Welcoming June with Open Arms

I do not want to hear the technicalities, you know, that little thing called Summer Solstice and how the official start of summer is not until the 21st. I can careless that school… Continue reading

A Very Halloweenie Weekend

Happy Weekend, my friends! I am coming through to promote Halloween! Surely,┬ámost of you are already doing your planning for this beautiful Friday evening but you can go to that┬ábar any day of… Continue reading

Chill Out: Autumn Weekend

October is a busy month for most of us. I have quite a few plans for the end of the month, including my annual Salem, Massachusetts trip and a plethora of Halloween parties.… Continue reading

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    • Just because Bran touched the Weirwood & saw a dragon's shadow fly over King's Landing doesn't mean it's Dany's. Past Targaryens had dragons 4 hours ago
    • I've seen every episode of Parks & Rec over and over but it never ever ever loses its hilarity 4 hours ago
    • A neighbor stopped me while walking my dog & asked if I had seen hers. Apparently one of our town's cops hit her dog then sped off.......... 8 hours ago