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Snooping: Who Really Wins?

Snooping is not for the faint of heart. When we were younger, poking around was fun. I did it all the time to my sisters; I read their diaries and listened quietly on… Continue reading

Friends With Benefits: Does it Work?

I know people who have a very x-rated dating life and some who can relate more to a nun on the North Pole. But if there’s anything I’ve heard far too much debate… Continue reading

The 10 Commandments of Dating

In my early blogging days, I used to love ranting; I would vent and shake my internet head and snap my internet fingers with conviction- listen to the word of the almighty advice-giver, Sarah! People… Continue reading

Channeling the F-Word: It’s Not What You Think

After a weekend of playing the female Dr. Drew, where I believe to be almost equally knowledgeable about sex and relationships, I had to blog about it all. Oh, I know you winced when you… Continue reading

Diggin’ a Little Deeper in the Name of Love

There are so many blogs out there! I must say it gets overwhelming to take in all the advice these young guys and gals are throwing my way. Somehow I manage, but end… Continue reading

Will I Ever Use This In Real Life?

In my Philosophy class last week, we began to learn about different theories on ethics regarding happiness, choices and consequences, and delved deeper into what is and what is not considered moral character.… Continue reading

Are You Smarter Than a Third Grader?- Relationship Edition

Hear ye! Hear ye! Be blinded by love no more! No matter the relationship type you are in: long-term lover or dating for three weeks, we all have the tendency to act childish.… Continue reading

X’ing Out Your Ex

If you are stressing a breakup on this beautiful Tuesday afternoon, you are wasting quality living time. Whether it is a relationship that ended last week or last year, you need to realize… Continue reading

An Afternoon Vent Sesh

“Don’t it always seem to go that you don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone.”  The always lovely Janet Jackson may have made this truthful statement extremely famous, but this one has… Continue reading