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Child Safety 101: Remember Your Child!

I’m currently watching local news channel 12 Connecticut and the anchor is giving tips on child safety. How not to leave your child in the backseat of your car in the summer heat!… Continue reading

List Making is the New Black

Lately I’ve been wondering about what I contribute to the world. On any given day, I offer nothing major to the grand scheme of things. I recycle, I give oodles of love to… Continue reading

Emancipation Proclamation: Summer 2014

As Memorial Day rolls in and we continue making plans for summer, it is important to set off this most glorious season on the right foot. The only way to do that is… Continue reading

The Struggles of Being a Senior Dog: Emma’s Story

It has been nearly two weeks since my 13 year-old dog, Emma, had her first Grand Mal Seizure. What we think is a lab and Schnauzer mix, Emma has been healthy her entire… Continue reading

Life List #98 Complete: Sending a Smile to Ruby

On December 28, 2011, I decided to take part in a type of bucket-list style quest that allows me to seek out adventure, compassion, education and self-discovery all before September 14, 2014. What… Continue reading

Relationship Deal-breakers & Expectations: A Sad College Experiment

Earlier this week in my health class my professor decided to split the room up, boys in the front and girls in the back. The topic and “experiment” for the day was to… Continue reading

Wizard World NYC: Yeah, I Met Them Again

Maybe, if you’ve come to my blog before or know me personally, you will be all “whaaat” when I tell you I went to yet another convention where actors from the hit television show,… Continue reading

The New-Age “Hippie”: A Rampant Pandemic of Online Identity Fraud

If I have learned anything of real importance on social media, it is that everyone has a story. Not too long ago I “liked” a Facebook page, Humans of New York. The page is… Continue reading

Too Many Candles On My Cake: My 26th Birthday

I turned 26 years-old this past Saturday and I just thought I would come by and share some photos. I had such a wonderful time… dinner, drinks and the casino with all of… Continue reading

My Heart is in Oklahoma

I just want to come by and extend my sympathies to all those who were affected by yesterday’s devastating tornadoes in Oklahoma. Mother Nature can be cruel and nasty, as she was to… Continue reading

Courtesy Flush: Help My Friend Make a Movie!

The reason you are reading sarah On The Go! right now is because I was inspired back in 2011 by a very good friend who has her very own blog, Zoë Eisenberg is… Continue reading

Celebs Without Makeup: Just Because!

They are rich, they are famous, they are “beautiful.” So today, I’m officially making it okay to make fun of famous people’s appearances. Hey, our opinions on their non-painted faces make no difference… Continue reading

3 Reasons to Be Happy in April (and always)

3. There’s still time to get that beach body I think. But I’m going to stay optimistic here and go with a big ol’ “yes!” If you start today, right after you finish… Continue reading

My Sh*t List: The Three Most Obnoxious Celebrities Right Now, Part I.

I do not listen to Ke$ha, I refuse to ever watch the adaptation of an adaptation of an adaptation that is “Les Miserables,” and I would rather gouge my eyes out with a… Continue reading

Spreading Love, Good Vibes & Positivity My Way: A Post for Me

In the midst of the battle I have been in for the past month, which is the Biggest Walking Dead Fan contest, I have received an overwhelming outpour of hate. People just do… Continue reading

Meteorite Crashes in Russia

Yesterday morning I was reading an article on about the largest asteroid in recorded history to fly by Earth today. I brushed it off. No big deal, it’s just a 143,000 ton asteroid coming… Continue reading

Hashtag, You’re It! The Rise of Instagram

#start # is the sign of the times. Year one- 2012: Some kids grow up and want to be an astronaut or a firefighter. You work hard, maybe someday it will happen. Some… Continue reading

A Post About Making Posts

It’s been too long since I have put up a real post. Something that means something. I hate that about myself, about January, and about having nothing to do; I hate when my website lacks… Continue reading

A Very Phishy New Year: Volume 2

The last week of 2012 marked the second time I made it out to see Phish play their New Year run at Madison Square Garden in the amazing New York City. I went… Continue reading

Holding Out for Hope: The Sandy Hook Elementary Massacre

Newton, Connecticut is 15 minutes on one strip of road from where I lay my head at night. Connecticut has always been a pleasant place for me to grow up, get my education, and enjoy… Continue reading

Wanted: A Swift Kick in the Ass

So far, November has been just another month of the year, but after my weekend in Atlantic city, in which I lost too much money, it is time to prioritize. After a pretty… Continue reading

sarah On The Go! takes LaLa Land

This is a brief account of my trip to Los Angeles last weekend. Some memories and moments for photos were beyond what I could produce for you guys. I knew I wanted to… Continue reading

I Survived Comic Con: A Walking Dead Weekend

As an uber fan of the AMC drama, The Walking Dead, New York Comic Con was an absolute must. The convention was held at the Javits Center in Manhattan this past weekend, and… Continue reading

Karma: Do You Really Reap What You Sow?

I was in class yesterday morning when I overheard two girls being typically catty about another female who supposedly did one of them so wrong it called for serious revenge… and not how… Continue reading

Generation seX

When World War II broke out for the United States following the Pearl Harbor attacks in 1941, it started a layering of the foundation that would build one of the most powerful countries… Continue reading

Hard Work Pays Off

The first issue of my university’s newspaper came out today, and as a person who gets excited over everything I am pumped up about this accomplishment.

The Battle of Our Favorite Clichés

cli-ché: \klē-ˈshā\ noun a trite phrase or expression;  also : the idea expressed by it The use of clichés give us a way to further what we are trying to express to others in conversation. On… Continue reading

Putting the “Ass” in Assumptions

I have this blog so I can free my mind and write. I know it is a public site; I understand that anyone and their twice-removed cousin living in some rural area of Istanbul can… Continue reading

4 Life Lessons in 4 Days

1. Make the most of once in a lifetime opportunities. I was granted an opportunity to be on a television show called Ink Master and went down to New Jersey for two days to film. Although I cannot talk… Continue reading

Cheers, Mr. Bourdain!

Today is chef, journalist and television star, Anthony Bourdain’s 56th birthday. Since the beginning of his show, No Reservations, back in 2005, I have been absolutely hooked; tuned in and turned onto the weird cultural… Continue reading

Birthday Blues: Another Year Older

I have had a really hard time putting this post together, but I knew I had to. I wanted to do this for myself, and maybe to the few others out there who… Continue reading

The Wannabe Rich Girl Epidemic: It’s Here & It’s Happening

I am not ashamed to admit that I do watch reality television. I have been way behind on my E! show Mrs. Eastwood and Company, so after Twilight was over I caught myself up.… Continue reading

Birthday Week Kick-Off: Weekend Mash-Up

Happy Monday, my friends. I am aiming to post a bit more than usual this week because Friday is my birthday and I have been in a great mood… regardless of this Bonnaroo… Continue reading

How to Handle a Quarter-Life Crisis

I have had a hard time putting anything of purpose together for a week now. I took my camera out, enjoyed Memorial Day with it at Sherwood Island in Westport, did the family… Continue reading

The Curse of Writer’s Block

Severe writer’s block has gotten in the way of any type of writing I had intended on taking care of this past weekend. I was not even able to make a clever headline… Continue reading

5 Things I Cannot Live Without

Putting aside the credit cards, cash, hoards of makeup and my overwhelming collection of black leggings, I constructed a list of five things I just cannot do without. Well, maybe in retrospect I… Continue reading

One Little Monkey Jumping on the Bed

Oh, the ’90s! How lovely you were. I was just a little girl during the time when New Kids on the Block, Seinfeld, Tamagotchi’s and high-top sneakers were the “ish,” but I most… Continue reading

Time is the Same in Every Language

Time. Shíjiān. Vremya. Temps. Jikan. Samaya. Tempo. Zeit. Tiempo. Sigan. Czas. Growing up sucks. When I was in the eighth grade and first experimented with black eyeliner I thought I was the coolest… Continue reading

The Overactive Dreamer: When Sleep Gets Real

Bedtime is getting weird lately. My dreams have been too lucid. While my brain is normally overactive while I sleep, lately it has been more so than ever. I guess it is not… Continue reading


Originally posted on The Reinvented Lass:
A few weeks ago, I wrote a post asking how do you start to believe in yourself where there isn’t empirical evidence to validate your belief. Around…

The Startling Truth Behind Optimism & Happiness

There is always someone in your group of friends that is most likely to throw advice at you when you are feeling bummed. Even if we just need to make one tiny decision,… Continue reading

SOPA Bill Threatens U.S. Internet Freedoms

As if continuous economic troubles and unemployment increases were not enough of a heavy load to be carried into the New Year, America now has to fight for our rights to defend existing… Continue reading

The Year of Me, My and I

As the new year creeps up on us, it is time to make decisions. I am talking about making changes, people! Over a week ago, I was introduced to the Day Zero Project… Continue reading

A Blue Christmas: Coping with Loss During the Holidays

Christmas is this weekend and while many have the gift of holiday spirit fueling their efforts to prepare, others are left with sad reminders of family or friends who have passed. There is… Continue reading

The Good, the Bad and the Unusual: Random Weekend Trivia

I was browsing the internet in anticipation for someone to text me with plans for tonight- trying to get my daily dose of world news and celebrity gossip equally- when I began thinking… Continue reading

Will I Ever Use This In Real Life?

In my Philosophy class last week, we began to learn about different theories on ethics regarding happiness, choices and consequences, and delved deeper into what is and what is not considered moral character.… Continue reading

Cairo, Copenhagen, Connecticut?

Anthony Bourdain made his way to Waterbury, Connecticut this past Tuesday for a show at the Palace Theater. The world renowned chef and journalist spoke to a packed crowd for more than an… Continue reading

A Stay Happy Montage

Good afternoon, cyber world! I am coming to you today with just a few things that I came across that made me feel something. Get this week rolling on a good note. We… Continue reading

An Afternoon Vent Sesh

“Don’t it always seem to go that you don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone.”  The always lovely Janet Jackson may have made this truthful statement extremely famous, but this one has… Continue reading

In My Wildest Realities

Everyone has those three or four travel destinations that we swear up and down we will venture to one day. Whether it is the money that is holding you back, as it is… Continue reading