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The 10 Commandments of Holiday Season Etiquette

I’m modifying a topic of blog post past and giving it a holiday twist. Maybe I’m a little early, but honey, my Christmas tree is already up and looking fabulous! I love the… Continue reading

My Picks: 5 Best Horror Movie Kills

In spite of the holiday season, I give you my top five horror movie kills. The videos contain graphic content and I think even a little boob, so head’s up! Do share your… Continue reading

Easter Weekend: Food, Trivia & How the Holiday is Celebrated Around the World

Today is Good Friday, and whether you are Catholic, Jewish, or religious at all, you most likely have the day of school or work off to honor the beginning of the holiday weekend.… Continue reading

All I Want For Christmas is You- And These 19 Material Things

I hate to admit this. Actually, I am almost positive that a week from now someone will throw this in my face: Tuesday night I watched the Glee Christmas Special. I never saw… Continue reading

O’ Lonely Night: When Christmas Loses its Spunk

I am not sure how you are feeling about this holiday season so far, but I have yet to get in the mood for it. Maybe finals week and the stress of finding… Continue reading

Halloween Hodgepodge

Let us enjoy some pretties (and creepies), as I like to call them, and stay happy today with the help of photographs, nostalgia, some recipes and planning ahead. I am still going on… Continue reading