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The 10 Commandments of Social Situations

Hear ye, hear ye! Fret no more about awkward social situations because sarah On The Go is here to help you (and rightfully bitch you out), for some of the biggest pet peeves… Continue reading

Nostalgia Overload

Merry Hump Day. You can officially start making weekend plans. Mine include apple picking and wine tasting with some friends on Saturday afternoon! I was told it would cost under 20 smackaroos and… Continue reading

A Good Case of the Mondays

I typically do not mind Mondays because I have allowed myself an extended weekend for the greater portion of my adult life. I cannot be confined to two days to do as I… Continue reading

¡Viva los Restaurantes Mexicanos!

What makes a good dining experience? Is it the service, the atmosphere, the… food? Last night I went to a little Mexican restaurant just outside of New Haven called Ixtapa Grille. Considering my favorite… Continue reading

Chill Out: Autumn Weekend

October is a busy month for most of us. I have quite a few plans for the end of the month, including my annual Salem, Massachusetts trip and a plethora of Halloween parties.… Continue reading