Climbing Out of a Rut: The Infinite Struggle

I’ve been having a rough time lately. School and life got a bit overwhelming for a second and I lost a lot of interest in sharing myself with people. I felt uninteresting and that my life was monotonous. Most of my free time has been spent studying math. I graduate college, finally, in May. But I have to pass math first, which has proven to be the mother of challenges. I’m a right-brain!

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I’m thinking about switching my blog platform to Wix. My only qualm about making the switch is that Wix will make sarah On The Go! more of a generalized website and less of a blog. Okay, so what? Well, I like connecting with you guys. WordPress allows me to reach so many people so easily. Thanks, Reader! I also love comments. Even when they’re telling me I’m wrong. I learn a lot from you all. It’s just so cozy over here on WordPress. If anyone has suggestions on how to jazz up a premium template, help me out. Because right now all I can do is change the font. ZzZzzz…

Anyway, I’ve got some big things planned this summer and I want to post about all of it! I’m going to Wisconsin, Maryland and Denver again for Phish shows. There’s also a three-day festival the band’s putting on. Also, my friends and I decided to try out Firefly Music Festival in Delaware. So that’s up first. My poor body… it’s takes such a beating in the summer. No complaints though, I live for live music.

I’ve been working on opening my Etsy shop. I have been crafting custom jewelry in my free time. Ironic, because I was just bitching about being so busy with college life, and math, and being uninteresting (that takes up a lot of time)… over-analyzer in the house! I didn’t know I liked making jewelry, though, and it’s new and fun and that’s a fucking good feeling. New and fun. Say it with me, now: NEW AND FUN!

Alas, I still love to write. My graphic novel series is almost done. It’s dark and depressing at moments, but life has a lot of that. I want to tell you guys more about that when it’s almost complete. It’s been my baby, my absolute obsession. I cringe at the thought of trying to get published.

Not posting anything on here for so long hurts. I love to write for the interwebs. Thanksfully, I feel like I’m crawling up out of the rut and back into the world again.

Love to all!!!



My Latest Adventure: New Years Eve in Miami

I’ll admit it, I have been a little nervous to look back on my photos from Miami. Winter here in Connecticut was calm up until the last month or so, and now I can’t find a place to put the snow when I shovel.


We left for Miami December 30th and got back on January 6th. Our main purpose for the trip was to see four nights of Phish at American Airlines Arena, which was a beautifully located waterfront venue in the heart of downtown. So you’ll see a mix of Phishy pics in the gallery, but I can’t help but share them with you guys! I didn’t think I’d be all that into Miami. I love the beach but I’m a little more low-key than the people I presumed inhabited the place. In actuality, I fit right in. I like good food, warm weather, eye candy… there was nothing to dislike.


Anyway, here are some of the photos I snapped during my stay in South Beach and Fort Lauderdale. I can totally recommend Fort Lauderdale (we stayed there for three days at the end of our trip) to anyone who loves an uncrowded beach with seriously clean water. We saw barracudas! Also, if you plan on visiting Miami, check out the plane fare for arrival into Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood. Miami International wanted $700+something, Fort Lauderdale set us back $200+something… significant difference!