When my thoughts regarding everyday life became too much for me to keep bundled in my head, I decided to let them pour out onto this blog for all of the world to access.

My name is Sarah Mastroni and I am a 27-year old writer and college student from Connecticut. My daily and long-term goals are not limited to learning the art in varied lifestyles, but also staying happy and unbound by the constraints of stress and expectation. The main constant in my life is that inspiration never ceases to pass me by. I am affected by something everyday; driven to learn more about people through universal mediums of raw self-expression such as music, food, conversation and fashion.

My concept of travel is that of most young people with little cash and a hunger for the world. While I enjoy turbulent flights and going through Customs as much as the next person, I oftentimes prefer to explore great semi-local destinations. A spontaneous road trip with friends can heal, just as a great planned dinner with great company does. On the cusp of New York City and a few hours from Boston, my little New England home is the perfect epicenter for weekend getaways up the coast to New Hampshire or down to the beach in New Jersey- eating and drinking too much the entire time.

sarah On The Go is intended to let me clear my mind; to inform and entertain by using the knowledge I gather from exploring outside these four walls to give you a taste of the beauty I discover. 

As the great Anthony Bourdain once said,

“Travel changes you. As you move through this life and this world you change things slightly, you leave marks behind, however small. And in return, life and travel leaves marks on you.”