Starting Now: Summer Prep 2014

Every vacation, whether it be a weekend getaway or a week-long excursion, I know the best way to begin planning and packing are the same- make a list! I am huge on writing out literally every possible thing I need. Then, when my suitcase is open, I go down the list and check off the item. I think from head to toe, nail filers to hair-ties and leave-in-conditioner. While all the small stuff, especially for us women, is as important as the plane tickets themselves, there are some things that need time to get. Rushing around last-minute is the worst.

However, what’s most important for pre-summer planning this year is actually a bunch of random stuff. Lately, I have found myself cruising the internet in some subconscious vacation mindset, robotically marking down stuff I need (but mostly want) for my busy summer months ahead.



A home away from home

You never know what kind of plans your friends may come up with on a whim. A tent is an essential recreational item to own. If you ever want to just pack up and ship out for a long weekend- for little to no cost- a tent is an investment worth making.

My friends and I are going shopping for a new tent to kickoff our festival season, which starts with Bonnaroo on June 12th. We went to Walmart for our previous tent, which technically got the job done, but after two years of use, we realized that splurging a bit will pay off in the end.

They range in all types; some sleep as little as one person, and some sleep over ten. We are only looking for a 4-6 person sleeper, but the key here is getting one that allows us to stand-up. There’s nothing  like getting dressed on the ground because you’re hitting your head on the ceiling…

Our prospective tent for festival season 2014

  • $179.99 4-sleeper, 2 room 10×8 at BJ’s Wholesale

Maybe I’m being a little diva given the purpose of a tent, but, those colors are way too Miami Dolphins for this New England fan. I’ll have to see if there is a similar one in, let’s say, purple?



A good pair of sandals

I have not been able to find a comfortable pair of sandals in a long time. Maybe ever. All I ever wish I had during concerts and outdoor events is that my feet didn’t hurt. I want nothing plastic and definitely no flip-flops.So as much as it pains me to drop a ton of money on shoes, what kind of girl am I? I know that I have to do my feet a favor this summer. I Google’d the very cliche, “hippie sandals” and the Birkenstock website came up. I’m going with the name and reputation here, so I will order when the extra money falls on my lap.

You likey?

  • Birkenstock’s Yara sandal in Tobacco Oiled Leather $120.00



A fresh hairstyle

Guys or gals, we all know there is no better feeling than having a good hair day. I don’t go to the salon all the time, but I’m constantly dying my hair, especially seasonally. So before the summer months come rolling through, I recommend spunking up your style with a new color or cut. I have been every color before, but for this season I’m going back to blonde. Not Barbie-licious, just something relatively natural. My hair hates me when I do this, but reinventing yourself in any small way is a great confidence boost. No, really. A makeover is the best medicine!

What I’m going for. Yay or nay?

$ Who knows! Fingers crossed my girlfriend who works as a hairdresser hooks it up (I hope she sees this!)




A beach body

I do not think I will have my ideal beach body by any means. However, prepping for summer means prepping our bodies most of all. There is definitely still time to shed some pounds and feel better about the way you look in shorts and tank come June. Sign up for the gym and make it a point to go. Or just run around your local high school’s track. Lay on your bedroom floor and do crunches, or planks. It’s free! If anything, you have this next month and a half to get rid of at least the bloat. The gym sucks. There’s no two ways about it, but I always feel grateful for it afterwards.

$ Free at your home/outside. $10-30/month at your local gym. 

large (2)


And don’t forget to take care of:

  • License renewals and driving tickets. Nothing could possibly start (or end) your vacation like finding out you had a warrant out because you forgot to pay those five parking tickets. Oh yes, Mr. Policeman will remind you… and most likely take you in.
  • Passports. Those take time to process and secure.
  • Car issues. Hold off on the oil changes. I mean if your check engine light has been on for the past month, maybe bring it in? If not for the sole fact that your car has a boo-boo, but because you don’t want that boo-boo to get worse the moment you set out on the road with friends in tow.

2 thoughts on “Starting Now: Summer Prep 2014

  1. If I may: Perhaps I misunderstood your advice, but, hopefully, you are not suggesting that people ignore regular engine oil changes. Clean oil lubricates your engine, and helps prevent wear. Contaminants in the oil could cause severe damage. The vehicle’s owner’s manual, or the manufacturer’s web site will list the recommended oil change interval.
    Thank you for listening.

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