Tell ‘Em Why You Mad: Arcade Fire Edition

I remember when Arcade Fire beat out Lady Gaga, Eminem and Katy Perry for Best Album at the 2011 Grammy Awards, I asked myself, “who the hell is this band?” and then proceeded to find out. 

I wasn’t surprised that I loved their rock album, The Suburbs, and when their latest, Reflektor, dropped this past October, I wasn’t shocked that I was into that one either.

Tuesday night I saw the Canadian indie rock group in Bridgeport, Connecticut. My hometown, woop-woop! The tour has had a dress code of either formal wear or costume. I’m guessing here but I would assume that less than half the crowd was in either.

My friend and I in our costume/formal attire.
My friend and I in our costume/formal attire.

Nice size arena, and although I initially heard they had sold the venue out, it looked relatively empty. I did buy my tickets half-off on Groupon. I must say the lack of audience was surprising, because when lead singer, Win Butler, began to play a snippet of John Mayer’s Your Body is a Wonderland, throwing digs at the Bridgeport native’s music, I thought out loud, “at least he could fill up this venue.”

And he did back in December when I saw him at that exact arena, filled from every corner.

So maybe I’m bias because of my everlasting love for John Mayer, but that alone made me hate the band (which had an astounding 10 people on stage). It’s not like I will magically unlike all the songs I have grown to enjoy, but I won’t voluntarily play them anymore. What? I’m sensitive.

CT native, John Mayer, takes the front page in 2003. Yes, I kept it.
CT native, John Mayer, takes the front page in 2003. Yes, I kept it.

They sounded good live, yes. I’ll give them that. But as soon as you take away from your own show to focus on the music of others [negatively] then you’re showing me you can’t just give the audience a good time without being stupidly immature.

“… It’s either Hatebreed or John Mayer, neither of which we like very much, so we chose John Mayer.” Hilarious.

“The words are the worst part,” Butler said, as Mayer’s song blared through the loud speakers. “I remember telling him, ‘I think you’re the worst guitar player in the world,” Butler remarked again, as the crowd erupted in laughter. Besides me, of course.

Wednesday's paper.
Wednesday’s paper.

Before the show I was actually reading this article that was a pre-cursor to my newfound disdain towards the band. Butler compares himself to Nirvana and The Cure. He goes on and on about their music being different and hard for people to accept, when he says:

“… our band feels in a similar position to a band like The Cure before alternative music really happened. We’re the weird band in this more mainstream context, a little bit of the black sheep, you know?”

Because black sheep usually win Grammys and headline Coachella….

[end rant]


4 thoughts on “Tell ‘Em Why You Mad: Arcade Fire Edition

  1. I agree that it is tasteless to make fun of another artist’s music while playing a concert. But I can understand Arcade Fire’s, and the indie community in general’s, dislike of John Mayer. Arcade Fire, Nirvana, and The Cure all really pushed the boundaries of popular, mainstream music, while John Mayer is far from revolutionary. I’m personally a big fan of those three bands and not a John Mayer fan. But people can listen to whatever music they like, so more power to you!

  2. Fun post on your evening! An immature band, they are. Whoa, immature. Plus, Hatebreed is one of the most dedicated and hard working Metal/Hardcore bands out there today. I believe John Mayer has defeated Arcade Fire in the ‘class’ department, years ago. \m/

    1. Amen brotha!!!! Thanks for agreeing. And yeah, I don’t listen to Hatebreed but I can respect their hard work and dedicated fanbase. That says a lot about a band throughout the years!

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