Food & Fitness & Staying Inspired, Oh My!

In honor of my new (serious) quest towards a healthier lifestyle, today’s post is a tiny mash-up of the things I have grown to like, like… so much.

tumblr_mus6wllTiW1qftbz5o1_250With the help of Tumblr, Pinterest and Instagram, I’ve been able to lose five and a half pounds in a week. Yep, the internet is my best friend lately. There are oodles of inspirational blogs that have kept me exercising, shopping and cooking for myself daily. I am lucky enough to have the free time to do so, but if you don’t, there are so many ways to start your own journey, too.


I have been signed up at the local gym for over a year now, and make it a point to go at least three days a week. I hate working out. I don’t think I will ever be the kind of person who looks forward to a run. However, I realize that in order to feel how I want to feel, and subsequently look how I want to look, a run is usually necessary.

My routine varies when I go to the gym except for one thing: I always do cardio. I prefer to do 30-45 minutes on the elliptical, which could get me up to 4.5 miles. I sincerely feel that without it, I wouldn’t see any results whatsoever. Here comes that annoying “healthy person” thing to say: I feel so damn good after. I learned that once you get into the routine of doing cardio, it becomes so much easier to physically allow your body onto one of those machines! Eventually you’ll learn to sort of love it, which is why I have been doing it for a year faithfully without seeing insane results on my body.

That’s where diet comes in.


Everything I’ve eaten these past seven days are completely natural or single-ingredient foods.

All my life, my father has gone to the grocery store almost daily. He buys dinner’s ingredients fresh instead of stocking up. Frozen meat is practically a sin to him. So when I had to start shopping healthier for myself, I carried on the traditions of my father. There’s something really fun about picking out fresh produce and seafood. Who the hell has time for that, right? If you don’t then my health frenzied peoples on the world wide web are really great at helping you plan meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for five days a week.

Here are some of my favorite meals that have gotten me 5.5 pounds lighter in seven days.

| Breakfast |  Poached eggs and strawberry slices, glass of all natural apple or orange juice. If I decide to sap up the yolk with bread, I skip bread for lunch. I have only allowed myself to consume wheat bread twice this week.


| Lunch | Turkey, tomato, onion on one slice of whole wheat bread with non-fat chive cream cheese spread. Avocado or apple slices. A big ol’ glass of water. My second non-bread option is salad. If you put enough yummy stuff in there, it will hold you over until dinner. Fresh arugula is insanely delish. Toppings: dried cranberries and walnuts, olives, scallions, blue cheese crumbles and oil and vinegar.

| Snack | My go-to snacks: cashews, apple slices with vegan peanut butter, unsalted rice cakes with cinnamon, banana slices mixed with blueberries and oranges

| Dinner |  This has been varying all week. Salmon tartar is my ultimate, topped with avocado, with a side of broccoli or grilled eggplant. I’m more likely to steam chicken, add some pan-seared mushrooms, or you can include any number of vegetables as its side. That’s the beauty of this, you can choose what suits you… your options are near limitless.


Another favorite that’s packed with flavor? Friday evening I baked a butternut squash (30 minutes at 375 degrees), and stuffed it with garlic Quinoa, sauteed yellow bell peppers and onions, and lean ground beef topped with diced tomato. Unbelievable.


Tomorrow evening, I am making pesto encrusted salmon. If you want the recipe, (and to know if it tasted any good), be sure to check the sarah On The Go! Facebook page Thursday morning for pictures and more!



As I said earlier, Tumblr is the place to stay motivated if you otherwise have a hard time staying that way. Here are some awesome pages that are chalk-full of recipes, grocery lists, exercise ideas and photos galore.

I have found that looking at pictures of healthy food concoctions on these websites has kept me going completely. When I used to start diets before, I never knew what to cook myself, what to snack on, or how to even shop for myself.

Oh, I must mention. I have had no soda and only one beer this entire week. Dropping those two beverages alone has most likely aided my first week’s weight loss greatly.

Tumblr Inspiration:

Healthy Weight, Healthy Living

Healthy Life

Fuck skinny, let’s get fit

100 Pounds 100 Days

Not Another Healthy Food Blog

Fitness Inspiration Pro

From there, there are 1000’s of more blogs with inspiration. Looking at it once or twice a day, taking notes for your trip to the store later or learning a new workout, it all can really help. If I can do it, seriously, anyone in this world can. Promise! 


3 thoughts on “Food & Fitness & Staying Inspired, Oh My!

  1. Also son’t starve yourself everrrr and you should eat as much veggies and fruites as you want :) Instagram is my go-to for health i follow so many health blogs :) I hope you have more success also you should upload instas of your meals and workouts :)

    1. Absolutely my love. I hope this is what you were kind of looking for. Either way, definitely check out those Tumblr blogs. Even if you just search Tumblr for “healthy food, healthy lifestyle, fitness motivation” etc., you will find everything you need.

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