A Day in Nerd-topia: New York Comic Con ’13

Wanted to swing by and update everyone on my very successful second New York Comic Con experience. My friend and I went last Saturday and suffice to say, we nerded out big-time.

While there was no Walking Dead autographing signing this year (I waited over night in 2012), we arrived early enough to skip lines and enjoy the showroom floor before the masses poured in. For someone who doesn’t read a lot of comics- only three compared to people who live comics- I found that the cosplayers who dressed up as characters I didn’t know where most fun to see… and let me tell you, cosplay was everywhere.

I was able to meet The Walking Dead’s original artist, Tony Moore and buy another print for him to sign. I also bumped into the show’s director and creative effects mastermind Greg Nicotero. My friend and I got nice and tipsy and kept it going on through the day, the New York weather was beautiful, and even got to see friends from home. Here are some photos from the day.

If you’re at all into comics, video games, television and nerd-culture… or if you just want to spend a day people-watching, check out comic con next year. It’s only $50 bucks!


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