Wizard World NYC: Yeah, I Met Them Again

Maybe, if you’ve come to my blog before or know me personally, you will be all “whaaat” when I tell you I went to yet another convention where actors from the hit television show, The Walking Dead, would be.

This time I didn’t have to fly out to Kentucky and ride on up to Ohio, or wait in a line for 10 hours to meet them. I took my friend Meagan along for a boat cruise up the Hudson River and around the Statue of Liberty in good ol’ New York.

There was dinner and drinks, music and… Norman Reedus (Daryl) and Michael Rooker (Merle). The two of us had a great time meeting people and taking in the most beautiful skyline that is NYC. Oh, and we met Henry Winkler on the way to check-in to our boat. You know, “Fonzie,” from Happy Days? He was super nice and I could say, it was an honor to meet such a legend!

Below are some photos! Just wanted to come by and share them with you guys. Happy 4th of July! I will be back next week with more posts.


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