Amanda Bynes: A True American Horror Story

It’s Wednesday and I feel like going on a rant!

Arrested for marijuana possession and throwing her bong out of her 36 story window early this month, the 27 year-old Hairspray star claims she is now suing the NYPD for illegally entering her apartment and lying about her charges. She is also throwing in a lawsuit for being “admitted into a mental institution unwillingly.” Oh yeah, and she was screaming during the arrest, “Do you know who I am?”

Any celebrity that says that can legitimately fall off the face of the earth. Who. says. that.

Bynes grew up in front of the camera, starring in her own, The Amanda Show, and my personal favorite What I Like About You. She was funny, adorable and even has a couple popular movies under her belt (Easy A, What a Girl Wants), before she ripped a handful of pages straight out of the Britney Spears Book of Crazy.

Needy for attention since her career slowed, the has-been regularly takes to her Twitter to bash other celebs, press, and “haters.”

She recently stated that Chris Brown beat up Rihanna because she was too ugly, and that “you [Rihanna] look so ugly tryin to be white.” Rihanna responded with, “Ya see what happens when they cancel intervention?”

I can’t stand Rihanna equally but really? 

Bynes also claims she has an eating disorder which has ‘obviously’ been the reason she has stayed so thin over the years. That is just what impressionable young girls need to read on Twitter. This chick also got a nose-job but feels the need for another… she requests that all news articles about her should only use photos of her post-rhinoplasty. I sympathize with those who have eating disorders and those with body image issues but instead of discussing the severity of it, she uses it almost as a positive. And if you think she has family issues, you may be right. She is suing her parents for “stealing all of her money.” I’m thinking she is delusional about her non-existent money because she hasn’t landed an acting gig in years.

She is currently working on a rap album.

Where are all the young female role models? Stories like this pain me.

-end rant-



11 thoughts on “Amanda Bynes: A True American Horror Story

  1. Seeing all the drama on Entertainment Tonight yesterday evening made me cringe. Can you imagine how tense stories like this make me feel when I have a 10 year old son looking to break into acting. Oh, man. Then Bieber starts going off the deep end… what next? Most people forget what happened to Drew Barrymore… she got lucky and was able to come back. Most don’t.

  2. this girl. hot mess express. i’m not a rhianna fan by any stretch, but what amanda bynes tweeted to her/about her is utterly deplorable. i try to empathize with celebs when they melt down like this…but damn this girl makes it difficult.

  3. It’s so sad, to see someone go off the rails like that, Let’s hope like Britney and Drew before her that she can clean up her act and get back into acting like a normal person!

  4. yes, she’s having a break down but i dont think all this media attention is doing good for her psychologically. i mean she went out seeking attention and instead of the positive or neutral attention she was craving for now its all scrutiny and “shame shame”… this is just proof that all celebrities are put under the lime light too often and just like a pressure cooker they’ll eventually pop.

  5. Like everybody else said, it’s sad to see her go that far down the rails. I want to sympathize with her, but she’s making it very hard to do so.

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