My Heart is in Oklahoma

I just want to come by and extend my sympathies to all those who were affected by yesterday’s devastating tornadoes in Oklahoma.

Mother Nature can be cruel and nasty, as she was to the town of Moore and surrounding areas during Monday’s massive twister, which has so far claimed the lives of 24 people. I am praying no more are to fall to their injuries. I am praying that everyone found from this point forward is alive.

My home state of Connecticut does not see very many tornadoes. They virtually never occur here the way they do in the Midwest, so I cannot begin to imagine the terror of seeing one, or hiding, or hearing storm alerts that pierce through whole towns. I am grateful for that.

The amount of help and rescue down in Oklahoma is commendable and I will continue to keep those aiding in the recovery process in my thoughts as well as those suffering from the aftermath of death, loss and coping with the trauma of destruction.


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