Cincinnati Bound: Taking on The Buckeye State

As you read this I’m either high in the sky or touchdown in the Buckeye State.

Spring break for college students is usually centered around partying almost naked, tequila with the worm at the bottom, and shameless sex in the bathroom of some Cancun bar.

The weather in Ohio right now is the same as the dreadful weather in Connecticut- around 35 degrees and ugly. There will be no dancing under a starry night with Miguel the bartender for me, but tequila shots can be had anywhere in the world- and honestly- Cancun never struck my fancy anyway.

Horrorhound Convention starts today and runs through Sunday. Apparently, this particular convention is the premiere event for all things nerd-horror related. I convinced my best friend Chris to head out to the Ohio back in January for Walking Dead-related reasons and so, the adventure begins!



Millennium Hotel Cincinnati. A “four star” hotel, Millennium is setting us back a pretty penny. In the heart of Downtown Cincinnati, this hotel seemed like the best option for two people who enjoy fine dining and staying somewhere without the threat of a roach scrambling across the wall. While I am not always a diva hotel-er, in a city like Cincinnati which I know has mostly suburbs and more or less unknown areas surrounding its Metro area, I want to do it right.


Horrorhound Convention. Saturday only, myself and Chris are taking on the cast of the Walking Dead. I already met Norman Reedus (Daryl), Chandler Riggs (Carl), and Michael Rooker (Merle), but I’m in Ohio for Jon Bernthal (Shane). Other cast members in attendance include Sarah Wayne Callies (Lori), Scott Wilson (Hershel) and Lew Temple (Axel). I will spend the day getting my autographs and photos with the crew. That’s it. That’s why I’m in Ohio. Should be amazing!

The rest will be a random adventure, likely filled with lots of tasty eats, delicious local craft brewskis and good laughs. I will post all about it on Monday or Tuesday, depending on how bad Ohio kicks my ass.

Have a magnificent weekend, all!