Looking Into My Crystal Ball: Death is Imminent

Last night’s episode of The Walking Dead, “Arrow on the Doorpost,” left a lot of questions still unanswered. However, if one more person asks, “Why didn’t Rick just shoot the Governor?” I will legitimately start to cry. I am not even going to touch on that, because I want to stay on the path of happiness today!

A relatively short post today, I just want to make predictions like I did last season. I’m usually 50/50 with them so it gets fun. Spoilers from episode 13 only, I know nothing of future episodes and my predictions are based solely on my own opinions formed from comics and what I’ve developed from the episodes.



Martinez and Milton Join the Grimes’ Side

Dare I say Martinez is better looking on the show.

It has become clear that Milton is not comfortable living alongside a madmen like the Governor. He seems to have realized this all yesterday, like a kick to the gut. He wants out. Kind of how Andrea felt when she learned that the Governor possibly raped Maggie. She wants out, too. Finally things are coming to a head.  Martinez on the otherhand, seems to have found a friend. Reading between the lines of early viewing last night, Daryl and Martinez’s “show-offy” zombie slaying meant more than just who’s the bigger badass (cough, Daryl).

In the comics, Martinez is a much larger role than he has been on the show. He eventually leads a captive Michonne and Dr. Stevens out of Woodbury safely. He ends up turning around and ratting them out for it, Rick kills him and that’s that, but, I think Martinez will jump ship come episode sixteen.

Lil’ Asskicker Kicks the Bucket

It’s an old and odd saying, but it means… to die. There’s no way Judith is going to make it out of this prison battle alive. Granted whoever cast this baby as her role as Judith Grimes should get a promotion, (that is one cute kid),  I cannot stand the thought of a baby going any further in this show, especially if the show ends up meeting the cannibals next season. This was the order of the comics, so I am going to assume that’s where they are headed since the show seems to stay on track in that regards. Since she can’t die the way she did in the comics (in the arms of her mother, Lori), she is going to die in the arms of someone else- and that someone else I believe will be Beth, and so… Beth will die as well. But I have been predicting Beth’s death since the finale of season two.


Andrea kills the Governor

She won’t just shoot him in the head either. I think Andrea is going to be forced with the decision to kill him and he will look her in the eyes all along. We got a sneak peak of that from last night’s “scenes from the next” where Andrea mentions the need to kill the Governor, but we all know how these things work out- or don’t. With three episodes left, they’ll leave us hanging on whatever crap Andrea’s mouth spews this time, until the very end. I feel that a deeper part of me will be very upset when the Governor dies. David Morrissey is an incredible actor, and the Governor is the first real antagonist the show has seen. He is a huge part of The Walking Dead franchise; prequelling novels “The Rise of the Governor,” and “The Road to Woodbury,” were amazing in their own rights. However, the Governor has to die and he’ll be sure to take more than a handful with him. That’s the way the zombie apocalypse world works.




The Biggest Walking Dead Fan Contest I entered on FEBRUARY 14TH, is over on Wednesday! I can’t believe I managed to stay in the Top 10 for over a month. I really appreciate all my friends and interweb pals for voting for me, even if you only did once.

The winner is picked on Friday, so my fingers are super crossed. Winning this trip to Los Angeles would really mean a lot to me. If you have a minute or so today, please vote just in case something crazy happens within the new few days and I’m bumped out!


xx- much love <3

2 thoughts on “Looking Into My Crystal Ball: Death is Imminent

  1. Your page is hard to read for me… not “hard” as in ” I barely have a third-grade education” (which is just mostly true!), but “hard” as in “the words are hard to see as the background graphics tend to muddle them.” This may just be me. According to my last… oh, ALL of my girlfriends the problem is usually me, not them.


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