Meteorite Crashes in Russia

Yesterday morning I was reading an article on about the largest asteroid in recorded history to fly by Earth today. I brushed it off. No big deal, it’s just a 143,000 ton asteroid coming within 17,000 miles of where I enjoy that thing called life.


Today, the people of Chebarkul, Russia got to experience what was probably the scariest thing they will ever witness again.  A large meteor has crashed down into the Ural mountains at around 9:30 a.m. Hundreds of people are reportedly  injured, shockwaves shook buildings, blew out windows and eventually shattered into pieces.

I would have had a heart attack.

Here’s a video I sniped off of someone’s Facebook page, recorded by a Russian citizen is his/her car. Amazing footage.

Side note: I just watched “Melancholia” with Kirsten Dunst and Kieffer Sutherland about a planet that had been hiding behind the sun and crashed into Earth. Great movie. Sad. Ironic?

Meteorite Crashes in Russia

10 thoughts on “Meteorite Crashes in Russia

  1. I wish we could see it from New England. As a stargazer, I think we’ve been unlucky for meteor-shower viewing because of cloud cover. :( Aussies and Kiwis win this round for viewing.

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