Trey Anastasio Band: A Review From the Front Row

As a huge fan of jam band giants, Phish, when I heard that guitarist and frontman, Trey Anastasio, was touring locally I knew I had to go. I know his music to be a little more jazzy, and I am a fan of that soulful get-down that we all tend to crave every so often. So my concert-buddy Jonny and myself headed over to the Capitol Theatre in Port Chester, New York, on Wednesday evening to hear what Trey and a different set of musicians had in store, which was a nice mix of oldies and his new release, The Traveler.

We got there an hour before the show and there were only scattered groups of people strewn across the front banister that separates greatness from a smaller sea (than that of a Phish show) of fans. I was so excited immediately upon arrival, knowing full well that we would be able to get up close enough to see Trey- not little blurbs of someone moving (because I’m always so far away at Phish shows).

I could see the crew doing minor tweaks to the set minutes before the show started; I could see the steam coming from Trey’s cup of tea, details on his custom Languedoc guitar with the ocelot, the pure excitement on his face throughout the show, with an equal amount of concentration and focus on each string of his instrument. His fingers moved like it was second nature, flowing like a steady stream of water- each seemingly effortless strum quenching the musical thirst of every individual in the theatre.

Opening with one of his more well-known numbers, “Caymen Review,” Trey played for over three hours to a packed house, all of which came out- despite the degrees lingering in the teens- to see him play. Fellow band members included: trumpeter and vocalist Jennifer Hartswick, trombonist and vocalist Natalie Cressman, saxophonist James Casey, Russ Lawton on drums, Ray Paczkowski on keyboard, Tony Markellis on bass, and Cyro Baptista on a 10-piece percussion ensemble.

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Set List:

Set 1: Cayman Review, Alive Again, Pigtail, Magilla, Sweet and Dandy, The Land of Nod, Money, Love and Change, Scabbard, Frost, Sweet Dreams Melinda, Dark and Down, Valentine
Set 2: Sand, Corona, Simple Twist Up Dave, Let Me Lie, Goodbye Head, O-o-h Child, Alaska, Architect, Clint Eastwood, Push On ‘Til the Day
Encore: Flock of Words, Heavy Things , Sultans of Swing



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