A Post About Making Posts

It’s been too long since I have put up a real post. Something that means something. I hate that about myself, about January, and about having nothing to do; I hate when my website lacks material.

I am slowly but surely making notes in my journal of all the exciting events in the forseeable future that are more than blog-worthy. I miss hitting that “Publish” button and letting my weekend events be known from here to Indonesia. No, for real, I get a lot of hits from Indonesia. You guys rock!

Anywho, I’ve started to get out of this winter funk. Be it the new college semester or just the frigid winter air that snapped me back into my usually fun reality, but I have a lineup of posts just waiting to hit the world-wide web. They aren’t all about me either (and my “travels”), I have made a hearty list of topics to discuss about all things taboo, social and maybe even a few “10 Commandments” additions to my library of… two.

(Hey, you! Here are those links to the aforementioned.)



Until then, my friends and loyal readers. Bare with me. The best is yet to come.

Sending wonderful vibes your way today.