You Can’t Always Get What You Want, But I Did

The Rolling Stones played their fourth of five “50th Anniversary” shows in Newark, New Jersey last Thursday, and your girl was there to watch it all go down.

I was brought up on classic rock. My father, a down-to-earth, blue collared factory worker kept the classic rock radio stations turned up day in and day out. Granted I went through that typical “teenie-bopper” phase, I learned the music of greats like the Stones, Zepplin, Pink Floyd and countless others by the slight of my father’s hand.

I was invited to see the show by a good friend of mine and set off to Jersey via Amtrak. We started with a yummy Portuguese dinner at Campinos before heading to the Prudential Center. Not only were the Stones amazing, (Mick’s energy was through the roof), but my all-time favorite musician just so happened to be playing alongside them for one song. John Mayer. A wonderful guitarist and lyricist, Mayer is talented beyond his years. His personal life and supposed douche-baggery does not, nor will it ever affect how I see him as an artist. He was wonderful next to Mick and the gang, as he wailed on his guitar (his voice is on rest for the foreseeable future), for the track “Respectable.” I managed to keep still the entire song so to record it and subsequently post to YouTube.

Here are some photos, along with the setlist I gathered from that night. I wanted to post on this earlier but because of the Newtown ordeal, I wanted to give it a little time.




Setlist 12/13/12

  1. (with John Mayer)
  2. (Chuck Berry cover) (first live performance since 5 March 1977)
  3. (followed by band introductions)
  4. (Keith Richards on lead vocals)
  5. (Keith Richards on lead vocals)
  6. (with Mick Taylor)
  7. Encore:
  8. (with the Choir of Trinity Wall Street)


John Mayer & The Rolling Stones

5 thoughts on “You Can’t Always Get What You Want, But I Did

  1. WOW!!! You’re SO lucky! The reviews of these 50th Anniversary tour have been phenomenal … the Stones are playing at the top of their game! Who’d of thought? I saw them on the 12.12.12 broadcast, and they were hot! Again, you’re SO lucky!

  2. I LOVE love love love your blog layout! I’ve been looking for something new, is this the Triton Lite theme?
    And I think it is very cool you where at this concert!

    1. Hey! Thanks so much! I actually hired someone to design something for me. There are some really great free themes, and if you know even just a little CSS code, you can tweek it how you like- or maybe one of your friends knows, you’d be surprised how many people can work with html! Thanks for stopping by :)

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