Holding Out for Hope: The Sandy Hook Elementary Massacre

Newton, Connecticut is 15 minutes on one strip of road from where I lay my head at night. Connecticut has always been a pleasant place for me to grow up, get my education, and enjoy my life.

When I heard about Sandy Hook Elementary School on Friday morning I was shattered. I could only think of the raw fear that rang through the small children who heard gunshots, had to hide in cabinets and closets, squeeze into their cubbies, and hear the screams of those face to face with the devil in flesh before their own lives were taken.

I, surprisingly, have no stance on gun control. I believe that arguing to take away our second amendment is a battle lost before it begins. I think where there is an evil person with a plan, there are no rules that will stop them.

As a journalist, I have found a new level of disgust in the way the media handled this ordeal. Interviewing traumatized children for a story that tops the rest does not exactly portray any journalistic ethics. I wish everyone would just turn off the news. It is not real.

There really is no reason to preach about mental health or gun control. I will leave that to bundles of Facebook “friends” and Twitter followers that believe they have all the answers, and answers that are more right than everyone else’s.

Connecticut is my home state, and Newtown was and will continue to be a beautiful place on the map. I have prayed and will continue to do so for the families of those who lost on Friday. God bless everyone who was directly and indirectly affected by this unspeakable tragedy.




6 thoughts on “Holding Out for Hope: The Sandy Hook Elementary Massacre

  1. Lots of wisdom in this post. Especially the part about the media. Why was there a need for every local channel to send a reporter. One or two “Pool reporters” per network would have been enough. The media has turned a tragedy into a circus.

  2. Beautiful. I’m heartbroken over this. For the children who died and for those that survived. For the first responders at the scene who saw such unspeakable things. I just weep and weep and weep. It’s too big and too awful.

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