Wanted: A Swift Kick in the Ass

So far, November has been just another month of the year, but after my weekend in Atlantic city, in which I lost too much money, it is time to prioritize.

After a pretty shitty semester at school in terms of figuring out my career-destiny, I decided to switch my major from journalism back to communications. I cannot see myself doing hard news investigations for the rest of my life, I realized that after hating being on the school newspaper. Dateline, lead, report facts, blah, boring, no.

If anything I wanted to write about music and entertainment news, but since I was not given a chance to, I moved on. I don’t have time to waste doing shit step-by-step anymore. I want to graduate.

So in light of my recent frustrations in school and at the casino, I have put together a list of 3 things to achieve by this month’s end. If you feel you can offer any advice, do tell. Lord knows I will need it.


1. Get a friggen’ diet/exercise plan in order

I started following Italian fitness guru, Bella Falconi, on Instagram and now I am so fucking inspired it hurts. Her body is serious. It’s not like I have never seen a fit woman in my life, but she is so beautiful I want her lifestyle. I have enough time to spend a few hours f my day at the gym every day. I have become lazy and lost all my love for athletics. I do not want to spend any money on a dietitian or personal trainer. I believe I can start this up on my own with enough research and dedication. It really is hard to cut down the foods I love. I will give myself until December to make a plan, then I’m going to push myself to the max for my ideal body.

2. Figure out student loan, finances like a pro

What a huge ouchie this weekend was. I do not remember when I started to think I was some casino extraordinaire  but that thought has long been maxed out with the $20’s I fed to the slot machines. I have been living on a serious whim the past couple of months, spending frivolously whenever and wherever I want. The truth is, I feel like living for today is the only way to live. I hate that cliche so much, but it has worked in my ongoing life quest for fun fun fun. However, the party is sort of over, I need to buckle down. How do I do this? I have zero experience.

3. Revamp, replan, my blog

I have slacked with sarah On The Go! over the past few months and that is just not all right. I want it to be more exciting, colorful… meaningful. I want to cover the things that are always on my mind; music, movies, television, things that piss me off, things that make me happy. I used to do this all the time, what happened? Every day something happens, I cannot always be on vacation! By December 1st, this site will have a new look and feel; that same look and feel that got me Freshly Pressed and attracted readers from around the world. I have a great medium here, all of us bloggers do, time to utilize it to the max.

Those were the days…