Generation seX

When World War II broke out for the United States following the Pearl Harbor attacks in 1941, it started a layering of the foundation that would build one of the most powerful countries on the globe. Young men joined the army as soon as the next day, some 15 or 16 years-old; they were sent overseas to take out one of the most dangerous military regimes in world history – the Nazis. Women began working for what would go down in American history as the biggest industrial boom ever, and at a time preceding the Great Depression, was an amazing feat, next to winning the war which resulted in a collapse of the reign of Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini. They are known as the “generation that saved the world.”

A young solider sits in trenches.  –   Photo courtesy of

In the 1960’s, the counterculture of American youth, a generation known as the “baby-boomers”, brought about a movement that would change the rights of women and the African-American community alike. Martin Luther King Jr. was an up and coming name in the Civil Rights Movement, whose work would become legendary in terms of human rights,  and over time would result in the unification of black and white people. The sixties saw the Cuban Missile Crisis, and a new war in Vietnam. The rise of drugs and sexual promiscuity shocked the prequelling decade of a largely post-war cookie-cutter-esque American population. The rise of rock and roll brought out a new type of American youth; a generation of baby-boomers who would shape the country’s pop culture for every single proceeding generation to this very day.

Vietnam War protests – Photo courtesy of

The 1970’s brought about an onslaught of technological advances with beginner models of the desktop computer. Soon after it was the cell phone, although most non-marketable, the concepts for advancement would soon come to fruition- changing everything.

A picture’s worth 1,000 words


Where did the America I never even knew go? Not one day goes by where I am not encountered with sex-related material. Now, when young people listen to music and want to rip their tops off, it is not to Elvis or the Beatles, it’s to rappers who degrade women to the filthiest level, and women in turn accept it. Television programs are on a completely different level than anything I could ever have imagined was played when my father was 10 years-old, let alone 25 years-old like I am now. We don’t need to go into television programming, it can stand alone here.

Sex rules.

Like totally!

Log on Facebook or look through your Twitter feed. Someone’s relationship is not working out and it probably has to do with another guy or girl getting in the way. Go to the mall and count how many girls hanging around the coffee shop under the presumable age of 16 years-old in shorts too short whose mothers actually let them out like that.

What is teaching my generation, Generation X, that the only way to please a man is to be good in bed, to look older than you are with 14 pounds of makeup and a fake cigarette habit? When does it stop? I mean the urge to do whatever it is you have to do to get money for a real Louis Vitton bag. Apparently there absolutely nothing sexier than a woman in designer clothes and pumps that suggest you have been on the pole once or twice- and would do it again for some buckaroos to buy a dress tight enough (and worthy enough) to snap a Facebook default picture in and set to “public.”

I am all for being open with your sexuality, but what that extra dose of sex say for our generation. What will be the legacy of Generation X?

The 2000’s arrived and we now have the War on Terror- which in my opinion is eerily reminiscent of the Vietnam War. On one hand you had the millions of young people protesting it (this part is missing from the War on Terror- at least I don’t see it!) It’s also a war that seemed to be mostly ignored and overlooked. I can’t name five people off the top of my head who give a damn about the upcoming elections. I hear relatively nothing about it on my college campus. We have immense technological advances but is that it? Where is the courageousness,  the innovative ways of life that young people took part in only 30 years ago? That tenacity for positive productiveness? What will we look back to when we are in our 50s, 60s, 70s? Will generations after “X” only get worse? By the looks of it, the answer is, undoubtedly, yes.

24 thoughts on “Generation seX

  1. It is probably worth pointing out that not all rap music degrades women and women are degraded by many cultural and social groups apart from rappers and I think that you yourself are probably Generation Y rather than Generation X but…well said!

      1. “Sex-ridden” – great term! :) Well, I still applaud your post for being a ‘call-to-arms’ and for you identifying complacency among both X and Y as the danger that it really is.

        Even if we may disagree on the causes, I feel sure that we agree that people should show their contempt for businesses who promote abusive and patronising images to sell their products.

        I don’t want to damage your blood pressure but rap music now commands enough significance to be researched at English Language Faculties in both UK and USA’s top universities. Not the bad stuff, just the good stuff.. ;)

  2. It is true that Gen Y is oversexed but I think in retrospect we will contribute to society similar to previous generations. There is a sense of romanticalism when looking back on the past and all they have done to move society forward. We will be the generation that provided huge technological advances as we are the first ones to have growth up with personal computers in every home. And, in all likelihood (hopefully) we will be the generation that opens the door for gay marriage.

    1. I think every generation has had its degree of what can be viewed as scandalous behavior. Ours is just magnified by things like reality tv and social media that wasn’t available back then. But yeah I do worry about the values that are in this younger generation who will run the country when I’m old. Yikes!

  3. Great post. Yeah, every day here on campus, I just have to think-how would we define our generation? To be honest, sometimes it gets depressing thinking about our legacy that we’re currently leaving, while other times I’m happy to see what we’ve done.

  4. dark but thought provoking. i work in a middle school and the amount of sexuality is a little much for me to handle. i’m 28 and when i was their age, i barely knew about sex! kids need to engage in life, the world around them, develop relationships, and not just focus on developing their sexuality.

    1. Thanks for stopping by. I can’t imagine what those middle school kids will be like in 10 years. The parents can only do so much, no? Oh this wonderful world we live in… where is it going…

  5. The worse part is that this oversexualized generation is haighly misogynist. Mass media is more worried to keep people within trends and distract them from reality, while people are more worry to fit to the point to degrading themselves. I never followed trends and always got alienated for that and I’m thankful, because if that means treat women like their are just objects and be an obeying zombie is to be part of society, well… I’d be better stay as an outcast.

    Last night’s debate proved that older women and men differ a lot (you know those green and yellow lines under the combatants… I mean candidates). Women are worried about “needs” (water, food, health and security) while men are worried about “wants” (profit, gain, easy cash). Meanwhile, current youth only think about the new iPhone, the new sex trends, celebrities and sex, etc. Sometimes I’m worried about going out and get arrested for not being able to tell the diference between a 14 years old and a 21 years old.

    I thought we would be the high tech generation with social networking and widespread ideas, but instead I find myself as part of pervert generation (and I’ve studied sex for 3 years in Law School and the fetichists agree with you). We should be like the Swedes: sexual liberals without exposing young kids to this before the time is right. This situation drives me crazy. Cheers.

  6. Great post. It’s at least encouraging that you care and are asking these questions.

    It seems every generation has this conversation of “look at how slutty they’re dressing”. My wife had said same thing years ago when we were at the mall, but I had to remind her that what she wore at the same age was considered scandalous. I, for one, never liked the idea of what people are wearing (or not) being equated to sex or sleaziness. Isn’t that the basis for Slutwalk? Taking it a little further, there’s this ridiculous notion in America that nudity and the human body are shameful things. And it’s not just because I’m a guy who wants to see topless beaches here in the US. Ok, that’s part of it…

    But one thing I will give credit to your generation in the matter of sex – is that we’re getting closer to equality. It seems that it’s ok now for women to go out and get it – let alone just even wanting sex. Heck, I think it’s relatively new that women can even TALK about it openly.

  7. With minds like yours, your generation has great hope. I am a boomer- on the younger end, having worked and still so in all things creative media- it’s always about one thing and one thing only- what sells- then how to package it- what is really selling now to me is not so much sex ( which always sells ) as control- and the various popular genre being the delivery system- the attitude of the most gansta rap of denigrating women is simply what is the chain of control and let’s give kids and others a beat to rid their various angst – grieve not – this too shall pass- although very unappealing to me too- the problem as I see it is too many humans on the planet- each trying for a slice of pie- all kicked off that
    quest by any means possible-

  8. “I worry that most Americans are too mentally and emotionally weak to be able to come to grips with the truth. They are far more comfortable with the story that enemies attacked America successfully despite the massive national-security state in place. The American public has proved itself to be so cowardly that it willingly, without a peep, sacrificed its civil liberty and the protections of
    law guaranteed by the Constitution in order to be “safe.”” this quote is from an interesting article by Paul Craig Roberts See here:

  9. And if you’re NOT hyper-sexualized, then you’re a prude.

    Society is on a quick downward spiral.

    It’s also tainted things that weren’t considered “obscene” back in the day. I’m not sure, it might’ve just been me, but I didn’t give the movie Grease a second thought. I just enjoyed the music and the (simple) story. NOW, ALL of the entendres stand out and I wonder if kids should be watching it..

  10. Great post. Great blog. I agree, somewhat, with thefoodandwine hedonist, that every generation had the feeling that their youth was going to hell, due to their “scandalous behavior” but also agree that this particular generation has seemed to completely lose both their morals and their common sense.

    I will suggest, for a future post, your comments on the recent decision, by IKEA, to photoshop women out of the version of their catalog which was delivered to Saudi Arabia. Respect for the (antiquated) culture, or greed, based on the potential sales to a market with such vast disposable income?

  11. this post, your words-very true! I’m 21 now, but when I look at my 13-14(!!) year old cousins and see that they are wearing higher heels, an oh-so-deep V-neck blouse and shorts that show absolutely everything, I get scared about the future. Although I don’t plan on having kids anytime soon, when I look at these girls, I can’t escape the thought that comes to mind: “please don’t let my daughter (if I’ll have any) be like this”.

  12. I think everything has always been about sex on some level-I mean, look at ancient Greece-but in America it’s definitely an obsession that’s become much more blatant in the past few years. I definitely don’t remember being so silly and slutty as the 16 year olds running around today.

  13. I love the question you pose of what will the legacy of Gen X (and Gen Y) be. It is hard to know. As many have already pointed out in there comments, every generation has their ways of pushing the envelope. It is only natural. But as a mom of young children, I would be lying if I said I did not think I have a tougher battle ahead of me than my parents and grandparents did during their child-rearing years. Most of these risky and questionable behaviors have always existed, but our over-consumption of media nowadays has brought them out into the open even moreso…and also creates the idea that they are the norm. That makes it even harder for kids, teens, and young adults to make smarter decisions. They aren’t just experience peer pressure…they are experiencing pressure on a much larger societal level. But I do think more and more younger people are failing to buy into this “sex ridden” society (as you put it). So there is hope. Voices like yours just need to stay out there. By definition, a pendulum must always swing back the other way…

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