sarah On The Go! takes LaLa Land

This is a brief account of my trip to Los Angeles last weekend. Some memories and moments for photos were beyond what I could produce for you guys. I knew I wanted to blog this trip, but I realized after standing under the Hollywood sign, overlooking LA, that pictures wouldn’t give you what you wanted anyway. You know how it goes. Sometimes memories are better left locked down in our minds.

Day one: Meetup at 2:30 a.m., drive to JFK airport in New York City. Next was to absolutely hate the plane ride with a passion because United Airlines is the worst when it comes to seat space, customer service and overall flying a plane (turbulence to the max). Once we landed, it was all about getting the rental, hotel room and plans in order. Night number one included bangin’ Mexican food at Mas Malo in Downtown Los Angeles. We were all a little jetlagged, but of course, lots of responsible drunkness ensued as we found ourselves in the Rainbow Room, a famous bar on Sunset Blvd. next to an equally famous Roxy.

Outside Mas Malo, Downtown LA

The second day we started with a yum, free continental breakfast the Best Western had and headed off to the American Horry Story house. The Emmy-winning FX television show is among my favorite of all time, and the set being on 1120 Westchester Place was only 20 minutes from our hotel. As uber fans, this was the coolest ish we did in a long friggen time. At night we got ready for Nobu, a fabulous (expensive as shit) Japanese restaurant in downtown Los Angeles that cost a bunch, but the creamy spice snow crab was well worth the $40 dollar price tag. Still water cost us $9 bucks… sparkling- $10. As excepted, none of us complained, we wanted to eat right- real, good.

One thing we had on the itinerary was Universal Studios. It only (sarcasm) took us an hour to park before we headed into the park which was totally redone as haunted everything. The main reason for our visit: The Walking Dead! They had a great haunted recreation of the show. We happened to stumble upon a woman who worked at the park and after seeing our confusion (there were so many people and attractions) she handed us a “front of the line pass.” We soon discovered that without it, the wait would have been 2 hours for a 10 minute walk-through. It was fantastic! Any Walking Dead fans out there in Hollywood or Orlando should check it out. We then took a studio tour by tram car where we got to see movie props like plane crashes and the Bates motel and house (Psycho).

Late night we got Carl’s Jr’s burgers, bought a case of beer and had a fantastic dressup party in our hotel room.

We saw the Hollywood Walk of Fame, ate lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe, shopped in Beverly Hills on the famous Rodeo Drive but it just wasn’t us. I can’t go into shops whose pants are more than $50 bucks. I know, I’m cheap. I wanted to hit the coast, so we went over to Venice Beach and that’s where I fell in love with California hardcore. Not only was the weather perfect, but the beach was breathtaking. From down the boardwalk we could see the Santa Monica pier and all the beautiful scenery that sat behind it- the rolling hills. The landscape is so different than where I live, where it’s tree after tree, woods and no mountainous type of terrain that I can see at all. We walked the strip encountering many oddly wonderful people.

I bought alot of art, for myself and others. I even got a little peace sign tattoo. We ate lunch off the boardwalk at Nikki’s and it was perfect. There were no windows, Red Hot Chili Peppers were on some kind of playlist, and the restaurant was filled with young, vibrant adults. I just adore Venice.

Later on that evening we ate at Beso, Eva Longoria’s restaurant. The food was fantastic, as I had a filet, of course medium rare. The service not so much. I’m not too sure if it was because I had told our waiter we were tourists from Connecticut, but we are still good tippers nonetheless. Actually, with a menu where everything is totally and utterly expensive, he should be giving us the best service- he never came back to ask if we needed new drinks, or how our food was- we waited forever for the bill without new cocktails. Bummer.

Here are some more pictures (not really in order), and let me tell you I took about 500 of them, so this is just a slice. I can’t recall my whole vacation on this blog, there are no words for some of the experiences. There are also some moments on the trip when a photo just wouldn’t do. It’s all in my memory.

I Survived Comic Con: A Walking Dead Weekend

As an uber fan of the AMC drama, The Walking Dead, New York Comic Con was an absolute must. The convention was held at the Javits Center in Manhattan this past weekend, and while it lasted four days, I only went for one. I am not a comic book reader, but recently finished The Walking Dead graphic novels by Robert Kirkman. When I heard that the convention’s main draw was The Walking Dead, I had to be there- there was no other option.


In order to meet a portion of the cast on that Saturday afternoon, I convinced my best friend Sean to take 9:30 p.m. train to the city and camp out overnight. I was overly anxious that if I hadn’t lined up before midnight I would be out of the running. Only 50 tickets were given out. Well, we ended up being number 16 and 17 in line. We spent the night on the cement in 32 degrees, but it was a blast despite the elements.

In line we met alot of people, and of course, most were Walking Dead fans. Once we were in, the party started. We got our autographing ticket and walked around the showroom floor before our 2 p.m. signing. Comic Con is an experience everyone should try out once, especially if you are fan of video games, comics, and “nerdy” pop culture. Not only were there tens of thousands of people there, many were dressed up in crazy costumes; dressed as comic book characters to a T, and some just dressed to raise questions; I saw a girl dressed as a schoolgirl wearing a horse mask. So 2 p.m. comes. Sean and I are in line as the cast of Walking Dead, including creator Robert Kirkman and executive producer Gale Anne Hurd, walk through the doors right in front of us. I was so nervous the only pictures I managed to get were blurry. Of course, like a total 14 year old fangirl I screamed, “I LOVE YOU NORMAN!” to Norman Reedus (Daryl), and he looked at me and told me he loved me, too. Here are some pictures I took of the signings!

3 a.m. …. Waiting

32 degrees!

7 a.m. Time to get our well deserved tickets!

Better than a fat stack of cash

My boo and I.. with our coveted passes

Line crew

Norman Reedus responding to my nerdy fangirl outburst (too excited to keep the camera still)

Robert Kirkman, writer and creator of The Walking Dead

Norman Reedus (Daryl)

He was all about taking a picture with me! :) Norman <3

Danai Gurira (Michonne)

Andrew Lincoln and myself (Rick Grimes)

Chandler Riggs (Carl)

David Morrissey and myself (The Governor)

What sucks it that I took these photos with my iPhone. I wasn’t sure that hauling my Nikon around all day would pay off, that the cast would even allow photos. I went out on a whim and asked them. Comic Con was the best weekend I’ve had in quite some time. I may be an uber fan, and a little obsessed for many to understand, but after NYCC, I realized that there are people just like me, which is a fucking relief.

PS: I dressed as Walker Sophia for the premiere on Sunday night!


Already framed

Color print of Michonne and her “Pets.” Signed by Tony Moore