Groovin’ in the Catskills: The Last Music Festival of the Year

This past weekend my friend and I packed the car so completely full of camping and festival gear and drove to the Pennsylvania and New York border in a little over three hours.

Catskill Chill Music Festival was held in Hancock, NY, and is in its third year. Acts like Conspirator, Lettuce, Yonder Mountain String Band, and Soulive were on the bill, but it was more than the music for me. Every time I go to a festival it is reinvention of myself. I learn to love more, I learn to dance more, and I learn to appreciate nature, music and all types of people for who they are.

The weather was hot on the way up but the nights were cool and reminiscent of autumn. Having gone last year without appropriate clothes and blankets, the two of us knew this year to pack up. We brought a canvas and some acrylic paints and painting carefree strokes until we created a picture we thought was good enough to use as a reminder of our Catskill stay.

The experience– although I have had it before– was somewhat enlightening. There was no cell phone service, I couldn’t take a shower, I slept in a tent, and I stayed up all night to clear skies and crisp air that left me no choice but to think deeper than I have in a while. It was a much needed getaway, after the stresses of school and work came at me all at once late last month.

The fun is over and the summer is, too. I have months and months to plan our first music festival next year, Bonnaroo. Cheers to the changing seasons!