Monthly Archive: August, 2012

Here Comes Honey Boo Boo: Pageants & Family Values

It was the phrase heard across the universe, “A dolla make me holla honey boo boo.” Well, maybe not. But it was certainly heard in hundreds of thousands of good ol’ American living… Continue reading

Sharing Tradition Worldwide: The Qixi

Happy Chinese Valentine’s Day! Well, sort of. Today, mostly in China, the Qixi Festival is celebrated. An Asian holiday similar to the American “Valentine’s Day,” the Qixi is in honor of an old tale that… Continue reading

The Battle of Our Favorite Clichés

cli-ché: \klē-ˈshā\ noun a trite phrase or expression;  also : the idea expressed by it The use of clichés give us a way to further what we are trying to express to others in conversation. On… Continue reading

My Aruba Trip in Photos

Aruba was one of the most pleasant islands I have visited in the Caribbean. Its people were extremely friendly, the sunsets were always a delight, the beach and water were beyond picturesque and… Continue reading

Aruba: One Happy Island

I have one day of WiFi. With that, I am going to upload one picture and tell you all that this island is beyond gorgeous. I will be back next week to blog… Continue reading

Putting the “Ass” in Assumptions

I have this blog so I can free my mind and write. I know it is a public site; I understand that anyone and their twice-removed cousin living in some rural area of Istanbul can… Continue reading

Fly Me Away: My Countdown to Aruba

I am leaving for Aruba on Tuesday and while I have some blog posts scheduled while I am gone, I wanted to put a quick one up today about the traveling ants in… Continue reading