Gathering of the Vibes Feature Articles: Soulive & Organ Donation

I recently have posted two new blog posts on the official Gathering of the Vibes website right here:

The first is on organ donation; the benefits, how to go about donating, becoming a donor and a highlight of a local town in Connecticut’s affiliation with Donate Life Connecticut and Donate Life New England. The story is really touching and changed my mind completely about becoming a donor, which is a goal I must reach on my Life List. Check it out and leave a comment?

The second post is on a great soul-jazz band, Soulive, in which I had the pleasure of writing about. I interviewed drummer Alan Evans in order to put this all together.

They are a fantastically funky trio from New York, and with this post you can learn a lot about them and their music. Here it is one more time:

Gathering of the Vibes Music and Arts Festival starts today and I will be there all week/weekend to take in all the beautiful energy, music and people, with a subsequent post at its end come Monday.

Any opportunity for me to write is an opportunity I will never pass up. I hope you all enjoy the posts I wrote! If you are heading to the Vibes bring a poncho, the weather looks icky the next two days, and if you are too far to get to Vibes this year, well, have a fantastic week. I will be back soon :)

3 thoughts on “Gathering of the Vibes Feature Articles: Soulive & Organ Donation

  1. I am donor just cuz I want 2 help who ever needs help with ever it my be & when I die they I give premission 4 who ever 2 use what can help those in need =)

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