Hugs & Kisses to the Green Mountain State

Rolling hills, maple syrup-infused foods, and crisp clean air are just a few of the reasons why I love Vermont.

Alex and I went up to the Wilmington area again this weekend and it was beautiful. We like to stay at Mount Snow in the summer (which is its off-season) because of the perfectly green landscapes, hiking trails, and overall relaxing nature of the resort. Mount Snow is one of the country’s most popular ski and snowboard destinations, and I cannot begin to imagine how busy it gets when the temperatures drop and those beautiful evergreens are topped with snow.

Looking up on the resort

However, neither of us knew that this weekend was also a two-day Tough Mudder event. On that note, the resort was jam packed. Not just the hotel but the roads, the restaurants, the pool, the sauna, and to make matters a little more irritating- the chairlifts to the peaks of the mountains were shut off.

I am talking thousands of people, covered in mud and hyper with oodles of crazy energy, spectators with little kids all flailing about the hotel like a…. nightmare.

I did a Tough Mudder back in April. I understand the need to OO-RAH every five feet after crossing those electroshocks, but after the first few unapologetic pushes and shoves and the 100th fist pump, I had to get away from the resort.

We got to do our hikes and walks elsewhere. The valet gave us two names of mountains, Bromley and Equinox to take our retreat.

The weather was nothing short of amazing. I wanted to document the most I could with my Nikon and so I did my best to capture the essence of the town we stayed in.

We ate at a local restaurant the Last Chair Bar & Grill in West Dover. Our wait was, as expected, almost an hour. I ordered some fresh clams to start and Alex ordered barbecue wings (go figure). For our entrees, he had the filet mignon and I went all types of expensive but necessary with the Surf and Turf. Unbelievable.

I had three jumbo shrimp baked with crabmeat stuffing and a medium rare N.Y Strip. The steak was bloody and perfect.

For beer, I opted for a Stone IPA, a California Pale Ale which was crisp and gave me a little zing after each sip. Otherwise, I was drinking Long Trail Belgian Ale’s all weekend… Vermont’s own!

Vermont is my favorite New England state other than my home here in Connecticut, and all for different reasons. The scenery up north is truly beautiful no matter what time of year it is. I am planning a trip in November to the Magic Hat Brewing Company and Ben & Jerry’s in Burlington, both of which are on my Life List. I am totally all right with being that leaf-peeper that goes 20 in a 45 mph zone.

Everyone deserves a weekend getaway like mine to Vermont, or somewhere peaceful that is relatively close to where you live. I cannot say I have much stress in my life, but leaving town knowing the only things that will matter are the great outdoors and quality time and conversation with people I love is a total spirit-lifter.

Keep enjoying your summer. Get up and out!