4 Life Lessons in 4 Days

1. Make the most of once in a lifetime opportunities.

I was granted an opportunity to be on a television show called Ink Master and went down to New Jersey for two days to film. Although I cannot talk about the technicalities at all, I do want to give you guys a glimpse into what I took from this experience. I posted in the past about how I had tried out for the Real World time and again until giving up was my only option some odd years ago. I love tattoosand wanted to take a chance at being on the show as a human canvas. I got on and had a wonderful time experiencing what it takes to put a network show together. The nerves I encountered before walking out on set were unreal, but after some time I learned to have fun with it.

I knew the next day to make the most of being there. I spent a lot of the down time on set talking in my mind about how educational, inspiring and uplifting being a part of something to this level was for me. I got to see firsthand the making of a show. I embraced every moment I had on set, talked leisurely with the cast and crew; laughed, smiled and made sure my mark was left.

2. Venture out of the box… alone.

Beers in my hotel bed, of course.

I stayed in New Jersey with me, myself and I. The trip was a midweek thing so getting anyone to tag along was hard. I have always felt that I was mature and, well, smart enough to take on the big things on my own- and I did. I am certainly a big girl now, but this was the first time for me where I traveled solo; booking and staying in a hotel, sleeping and carrying on with business-like situations all by my lonesome. After my first long day was over I even went to the fancy little hotel bar for a couple of beers and read the newspaper. I went out for food and ate a delicious Philly Cheesesteak with no dinner conversation, and I got into a King bed and shut off all the lights with no one by my side. 

There is something about just knowing you can do it; there is a certain sense of satisfaction that comes from doing these really simple tasks; endeavors that people my age have done for a long time already. Yeah, it may sound a little silly but I finally jumped in… I am swimming with the big kid fishies now.

3. Know your limits.

I gave a lot of thought to the people in my life while I had the luxury of peace and quiet in my hotel down in Jersey. I am not sure how it came up, but I wanted to take the people I call friends and close acquintances and put them in some type of order of importance in my head. Everyone, including my core group of friends and family alike, were all accounted for as the most loved people I have around me.

Then I realized there are a lot of disposable people in my life. There are those who do not think I am capable of reading between the lines, who belittle me, who use me and those who are sadly jealous.

I can take a lot of heat from people. I have recently finished a decade long lesson on “how not to give a damn,” but this particular thought process struck a chord that almost reverted me back to sensitive, submissive Sarah.

I know my limits. I will not let anyone speak (text) like that to me ever again. I actually owe no one an explanation for the things that I do. I am responsible for me, I am an adult, and what I choose to do in my day-to-day is decided by me. 

4. Quit Procrastinating

This is a life lesson that goes on for eternity, but this past weekend I learned what it is to really procrastinate and how stressful doing so makes every thing else in your life. I am the new News Editor of my university’s paper. I had to miss the first meeting because of filming, and waited until after my first long day on set to take care of story pitches. I also have a couple of Gathering of the Vibes articles due for posting and have dropped the ball on that as well because of the trip. Not to mention, my blog shop, as well as posts are falling behind. My vacation to Aruba is still only half paid for and my car’s transmission is leaking.

I just about lost my shit on Saturday afternoon with all the things I had to do. E-mails and phone calls and booking appointments and bank runs, all I wanted to do was have a glass of vino and relax on the deck. Focusing was out of the question. So I picked up my lazy behind and took care of everything that had to be done. For the first time, I did what I had to do as much as I did not want to!

It goes without saying that procrastinating brings nothing positive. I had never been so overwhelmed in my life. Lesson learned.


This is my coming of age post.

Go easy on me.

10 thoughts on “4 Life Lessons in 4 Days

  1. Congratulations on getting on the show. I especially agree with #3 and #4, stay strong and keep being you!

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