2012 Entertainment Olympics

I cannot get into the Olympics this year, or any year. I never cared for swimming, gymnastics or any of those other sports that I either didn’t know existed or never cared to pay any attention to. Maybe I am jealous of all the young girls that have aspiring careers as professional athletes, their rock hard bodies, or all the money they are racking up through fast food and hypocritical endorsement deals. Regardless, I am using the concept to start my own Olympics of sorts- a competition that is judged by me, and you, on the best of the best in television, movies and pop culture of 2012 thus far.

Feel free to comment, rebut, and fight with me over my picks!


Reality Television Show

Bronze: Dance Moms

I am a sucker for crazy moms who force their children into activities such as dance and pageants. I mean, I feel bad, but it makes for great television. Dance Moms is about the Abby Lee Dance Company in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and four moms and their little girls as they set out to dominate the dance world. One problem, the owner, Abby Lee, is a major biotch who plays favorites and love drama.

Watch it on: TLC 


Silver: Snooki & JWoww

I am a long-time fan of the Jersey Shore. I love their skanky ways and no-holds-bar lifestyles. I live slightly vicariously through them. So when I heard JWoww and Snooki were getting their own spin-off, I made sure to set the DVR, just for late night giggles.

Watch it on: MTV


Gold: Mob Wives Chicago

After watching the first two seasons of Mob Wives, which took place in the Staten Island area, I had to tune in for the Chicago version. The women of season 3 are daughters and ex wives of big-time mob criminals including Frank “The German” Shweihs, Vincent Rizza, Wolf DeSimone, Raymond Janek and “Big John” Fecarotta. So much drama, so much entertainment.

Watch it on: VH1


Non-reality Television Show (Comedy & Drama)

Bronze:  True Blood

I am so late to the game with this one. I watched season one then stopped because my house did not get HBO. However, I am back on the True Blood train. Now there are fairies and shape-shifters and all types of nonsensical characters, but as long as there is sex, nudity, and of course, those crazy vamps, I am watching!

Watch it on: HBO


Silver: The Big Bang Theory

I am utterly obsessed with these nerds. I love the wittiness; the catch phrases that make these four scientists lovable and the way the show keeps on keepin’ on with new material, characters and jokes that never make it a bore to watch.

Watch it on: TBS


Gold: The Walking Dead

Please, did you think I would say anything else? This show was snubbed Emmy’s for its killer acting but received three nominations for makeup and effects, as deserved. The Walking Dead has been dubbed “The Best Thriller Ever Produced for Television” by Entertainment Weekly. The show is about more than a zombie apocalypse, but about the interpersonal relationships and conflicts those survivors deal with amidst the chaos. Simply wonderful.

Watch it on: AMC


Best Movie

Bronze:  The Cabin in the Woods

Starring: Chris Hemsworth, Anna Hutchison, Jesse Williams


Silver: Moonrise Kingdom

Starring: Bill Murray, Edward Norton, Bruce Willis, Kara Hayward, Jason Schwartzman


Gold: The Avengers

Starring: Scarlett Johansson, Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo, Robert Downey Jr., Tom Hiddleston

For the record, I have yet to see The Dark Knight Rises, and because I love scary movies more than anything, this is best mish-mosh of award-giving I could do to get an equal share of genres in there. Moonrise Kingdom is a brilliant independent film directed by Wes Anderson. Read the synopsis here.


Best Looking Male Actor

Bronze: Chris Hemsworth

The Avengers, Star Trek, Thor


Silver: Norman Reedus

The Boondock Saints, The Walking Dead


Gold: Alexander Skarsgard

True Blood, Battleship, Meloncholia


Best Looking Female Actor

Bronze: Nina Dobrev

The Vampire Diaries, The Perks of Being a Wallflower (post-production)


Silver: Mila Kunis

Ted, That 70’s Show, Black Swan


Gold:  Kristen Stewart

Twilight, Snow White and the Huntsman, Into the Wild


Best Album

Bronze: Metric- Synthetica

As a longtime fan of Metric, I have to say this is their best album yet. Emily Haines on vocals is splendid as usual, and the tracks all line up perfectly but are rightfully different, bringing a deep groove and hipster dance-worthy melodies and choruses. Give all their albums a listen and disappointed you will not be.


Silver: Best Coast- The Only Place

I am, as of recently, a huge Best Coast fan. After seeing them in concert a few weeks ago, I have been doing my best to get all my friends on the Best Coast bandwagon. Their tunes are light and catchy, but there is a great depth to them that will make you reconsider sitting on your ass, and encourage plan-making! “The Only Place” is their second album, so go on and take a listen!


Gold: John Mayer- Born & Raised

A more mature sound than his previous albums, John Mayer channels his inner west-coaster on the record. He sings a lot about his mistakes, his apologies and his future. This album is super relatable and very much wholesome and thought-provoking.

So what and who do you think deserves the Gold? 

The 10 Commandments of Dating

In my early blogging days, I used to love ranting; I would vent and shake my internet head and snap my internet fingers with conviction- listen to the word of the almighty advice-giver, Sarah! People who knew me personally likely cringed at the abundance of F-bombs I dropped to prefix words like ‘disrespect’ and ‘effortless'; further damning blossoming and crumbling relationships alike.  

In light of a slew of recent relationship problems amongst people I know, as well as issues I come across on social networks, I am posting a blog reminiscent of sarah On The Go past. Gather ’round, kids, it is time for Sarah’s point of view… my favorite point of view.


10. Make time for one another

Surprisingly, the world does not revolve around your schedule. I get it, you work and… whatever. Get in your car and get down to that person if it means making he/she happy, especially if you are the one complaining you do not spend enough time together. Um, totally fixable. Pedal to the metal, my friend.

9. Put the effin’ phone down

As important as you think you are, I swear your fanbase won’t cry during that hour of dinner. It is as simple as this: the phone can wait. Go to the bathroom and do it if you have to, but if you have to, you are likely a tool.

8. Refrain from complimenting other good-looking individuals

Duh? No, apparently not. I hear about the guys doing this more than the ladies, but it goes for both of you. What on this planet makes you think your date wants to hear about the swarms of smokin’ hot bitches you had last summer, in college… throughout your entire post-pubescent life? Keep that immature fratboy-esque chatter out of your date conversation, it is beyond rude.

We get it, she’s hot.

7. Stop holding your ex accountable

That last relationship is over and done with, so move it along! Always worrying about what the other is doing, ie: trust issues, and relationship-gone-wrong-in-the-past-induced-paranoia will not get you anywhere but alone on a Friday night with lots of ice cream and a cat or ten. As much as I love nights in, mint chip ice cream and feline friends, socializing with my boy is lots more fun! You have heard it before, “your ex is an ex for a reason.” Amen!

6. Chivalry aint dead

Boys, this is so for you. I have always been an advocate for old-fashioned dating. As an outsider, if I see a guy walk into a building before his girl, I swear to the Lord above I will call you out. You do not, however, need to feed your date and/or walk them to the little girl’s room, but paying more often than not is necessary. Once (and if) the two of you are official, she can open her wallet. Kiss her on the cheek goodnight, don’t expect so much and be a gentleman- it goes a long way.

5. Quit reciting eHarmony commercials

I certainly would not want to hear anyone sit there and bore me about the 1,000 qualities they look for in a person. “Genuine, caring, driven, down-to-earth…” zZZZZz. I could not imagine trying to have a real, hearty conversation if it starts like this. So you like girls that are a thesaurus worth of the word fun? You, my dear, are the opposite.


4. Accept some jealousy

With hundreds of sit-downs with friends over this very topic under my belt, I  have learned that jealousy is definitely all right- to an extent. If you have some chick posting all over your Facebook wall and your new lady is upset about it, why would you try to make her feel like she is not just to feel that way. Jealousy is a natural feeling when us humans are diggin’ someone. Making the other person out to be crazy is fucking annoying and not compassionate in the slightest.

Should I add professional Facebook stalker to my resume?

3. Don’t judge a book by its cover

Finally the master cliche has arrived. Assuming your new date is the perfect specimen for dating is cuckoo. We all have our issues, we all have a past and we certainly are all not perfect. If you already had a little bit of an issue or quarrel, let it go and try not to judge him/her based on that entirely. People are sensitive beings and it is easy to say irrational things out of hurt or anger. Let things go!

2. Avoid wasting each other’s time

If the two of you have been seeing each other for more than a month, it is presumed that having a conversation about each of your futures as separates is expected, as it should be comfortable. Does he/she just want to date (while they date others)? Do they want to eventually have a more serious relationship? Are they never looking to settle down the way you are? These are questions you need to ask yourself before investing a lot of emotion into someone who could potentially be wasting your time. There is always the “friends-only” option.

1. Embrace things that the other likes

Just because you do not listen to that odd band your girl likes, doesn’t mean she is the only fan in the world. Go to a show with her. If you do not like sports but your dude does, get your ass to a baseball game. Fun is to be had everywhere. If we were all alike, the world would be a very boring place. There is a lot to learn from people, and it may just be that quirky hobby your new beau loves that drives you crazier for them.


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The 10 Commandments of Social Situations