Birthday Blues: Another Year Older

I have had a really hard time putting this post together, but I knew I had to. I wanted to do this for myself, and maybe to the few others out there who are not doing so well handling an upcoming birthday, a milestone, another day older and all the responsibilities and faded memories that come along with it. 

I wanted to put up some baby pictures of myself in spite of my birthday, which is today, and sure enough, as I had expected it to be, the process of digging through 20 plus year-old photos was entirely too overwhelming.

My family has managed to keep just about every photograph they ever took of our family, which is a lot. Between the sappy music I should have avoided playing and the crushing nostalgia of my childhood, I just about broke down.

I am 25 years-old today. And like you, like everyone and everything on this planet, I am only getting older. All of those memories seem entirely too far away- almost like they never happened- perhaps, just a very long movie of which I can only remember bits and pieces. 

I really do not know how I got here, and how I got here so damn quick. I guess I should know how to act like a 25 year-old because I had years to practice and prepare, but I feel the same as I always have; constantly searching for joy, looking for adventures, and digging for new emotions, which could be considered more childlike than anything.

Happy birthday to anyone who shares my birthday with me! Let us do our best today to stay happy and look toward the future with as much optimism as we had in our teens. I guess that is all we can really wish for ourselves.

“The old believe everything; the middle-aged suspect everything; the young know everything.”

-Oscar Wilde

Well, birthdays are merely symbolic of how another year has gone by and how little we’ve grown. No matter how desperate we are that someday a better self will emerge, with each flicker of the candles on the cake, we know it’s not to be, that for the rest of our sad, wretched pathetic lives, this is who we are to the bitter end. Inevitably, irrevocably; happy birthday? No such thing.

-Jerry Seinfeld

“The secret of staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly, and lie about your age.”

-Lucille Ball

20 thoughts on “Birthday Blues: Another Year Older

  1. Happy birthday Sarah! Wishing you all the best as you celebrate today. I remember when I was 25 and that seemed so long ago. We learn each year we grow older and aspire for a better live each year. Nothing can change that.

  2. Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy bday, dear Sarah! Happy bday to you! I know how ya feel. I know a lot of adults your age, my age, older and in between that actually act like ‘adults’, but I’m 43, about to be 44 and I still act the same as when I was about 19. Perhaps a bit more mature, definitely more responsible, but still child-like. My motto is “never grow up” and I’m livin’ it. Sort of the female version of Peter Pan, I live for adventure, fun, new sights, new experiences. We (Hallie, Mama and I) try to live fully and have adventures as often as we can. We belly laugh every day, take road trips as often as we can to see the world, check things off our bucket list, and just try to enjoy life as much as we can. I think a tough year for me was turning 21, actually being legal. Ever since that, though, a year older for me means I’m still alive, I’m healthy, I’m enjoying my life and nothing has slowed me down, yet. Well, that’s a lie. I don’t scramble anymore. I used to be a rock scrambler from maybe 24 or 25 till I had Hallie at 31. Since I had her, I quit that, as it is a bit dangerous. But other than that, I’m still flyin’ by the seat o’ my pants. ;) I hope you enjoy your birthday. Enjoy being 25. Make some fun memories for your 25th year. Make some plans for fun, love and adventure. Take in all the beauty that you can. The world is really a beautiful place. Again, happy birthday, honey. Love ya!

  3. Oh my goodness, these pictures are so cute! It’s no wonder you turned into such a beautiful lady :) happy birthday to you! I hope you have a wonderful day no matter what! And I know what you mean about time going by so quick. I was writing a paper last semester where I was mentioning about going to Quebec when I was 15 and I realized that it was over 15 years ago and I couldn’t believe that, it couldn’t be!!! That trip seemed like just yesterday – but I’m 31 so if you do the math, but that just floored me – how does 15 years just slip through your fingers? Time flies when you’re having fun ;)

  4. Happy Birthday!! Celebrate your day and from possibly the eldest of your many followers (I’m going on 58) I can promise you that we never grow into our chronological age – and I think that’s a good thing..:-)

  5. Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes and inspiration to get me through the day. I had a good one… lots of celebrating and equal amounts of reflecting on both the past and future. Here’s to another year of blogging!! :)

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